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Translation for Translators - Jeremiah

Jeremiah 37

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1After Jehoiakim died, his son Jehoiachin became king for only three months, after which King Josiah's son Zedekiah became the King of Judah. Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, appointed him to be the new king.
2But King Zedekiah and his palace officials and the other people in the land paid no attention to the messages that Yahweh gave me.
3However, one day King Zedekiah sent Jehucal the son of Shelemiah, and Zephaniah the priest, who was the son of Maaseiah, to me. They requested me to pray to Yahweh our God for our nation.
4At that time I had not yet been put in prison, so I could come and go wherever and whenever I wanted to, without being hindered.
5At that time, the army of Hophra, the King of Egypt, came to the southern border of Judah. When the army of Babylonia heard about that, they stopped surrounding Jerusalem and left there to fight against the army from Egypt.
6Then Yahweh gave this message to me:
7“ I, Yahweh, the God whom you Israelis say you belong to, say this: ‘The King of Judah has sent messengers to you to ask me what is going to happen. Tell the king that even though the army of the King of Egypt came to help him, they are about to return to Egypt.
8Then the army of Babylonia will return here and capture this city and burn everything in it.’
9So, this is what I say to you Israelis: ‘You should not deceive yourselves, thinking that the army from Babylonia has gone and will not return. That is not true.
10And even if your soldiers could destroy almost all of the soldiers from Babylonia who are attacking you, and allow only a few of them who were wounded to remain alive in their tents, they would come out of their tents and burn this city completely!’ ”
11When the army from Babylonia left Jerusalem because the army from Egypt was approaching,
12I started to leave the city. I intended to go to the area where the descendants of Benjamin live, in order to take possession of my share of the property from my family.
13But as I was walking out the Benjamin Gate, a guard seized me and said, “You are deserting us and going to the soldiers from Babylonia!” The man who seized me was Irijah, the son of Shelemiah and grandson of Hananiah.
14But I protested and said, “That is not true! I was not intending to do that!” But Irijah would not pay attention to what I said. He took me to the king's officials.
15They were very angry with me. They commanded the guards to beat me and then to put me in the house where Jonathan the king's secretary stayed. They had changed Jonathan's house to make it become a prison.
16They put me in a dungeon/cell in that prison, and I remained there for several days.
17Then King Zedekiah secretly sent a servant to me, who took me to the palace. There the king asked me, “Do you have any messages from Yahweh?” I replied, “Yes, the message is that you will be handed over to the king of Babylon.”
18Then I asked the king, “What crime have I committed RHQ against you or against your officials or against the Israeli people, with the result that you have commanded that I be put in a prison?

19Your prophets predicted that the army of the king of Babylon would not attack you or this land. Why were RHQ their messages not fulfilled?
20Your majesty, I plead with you to listen to me. Do not send me back to the dungeon/cell in the house of Jonathan your secretary, because if you do that, I will die there.”
21So King Zedekiah commanded that I not be sent back to the prison cell. Instead, I was allowed to be watched by the guards in the courtyard of the palace. The king also commanded that they should bring me a loaf of fresh bread every day, until there was no bread left in the city. So they put me in that courtyard and I remained there.