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Translation for Translators - Jeremiah

Jeremiah 8

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1Yahweh says, “At the time that your corpses are scattered on the ground, your enemies will break open the graves of your kings and other officials who lived in Judah, and the graves of your priests and prophets and other people who lived there.
2They will take out their bones from their graves and dishonor them by scattering them on the ground under the sun and the moon and the stars— those are the gods which my people loved and served and worshiped. No one will gather up their bones and bury them again; they will remain scattered on the ground like dung.
3And all the people of this wicked nation who are still alive and whom I have exiled to other countries will say, ‘We would prefer to die than to continue to stay alive here in these countries.’ That will be true because I, Yahweh, have said it.”
4Yahweh said to me, “Jeremiah, tell the people that this is what I, Yahweh, am saying to them: ‘When people fall down, they get up again, do they not RHQ? When people are going along a road and find out that they are walking on the wrong road, they go back and find the correct road, do they not RHQ?
5Yes, they do, so why do these people of Judah continue trusting in those idols that have deceived them? They continue turning away from me, even though I have warned them.
6I have listened carefully DOU to what they say, but they do not say what they should say. Not one of them is sorry for having sinned. No one says, “I have done RHQ wicked things.” They are sinning and doing what they want to as fast as SIM a horse that is running into a battle.
7All the birds that fly south for the ◄winter/cold season► know the time that they need to fly south, and they all return at the right time the following year. But my people are not like those birds! They do not know what I, Yahweh, require them to do.
8Your men who teach you the laws that Moses wrote have been saying false things about those laws. So, why RHQ do they continue saying, “We are very wise because we have the laws of Yahweh”?
9Those teachers, who think that IRO they are wise, will be ashamed/disgraced and dismayed when they are taken to other countries by their enemies because they sinned by rejecting what I told them. Truly, they were not RHQ very wise to do that!
10So, I will give their wives to other men; I will give their fields to the enemy soldiers who conquer them. All the people, including those who are important and those who are not important, deceive others in order to obtain their possessions. Even my prophets and my priests do that.
11They act as though the sins of my people are not serious, like MET wounds that do not need to be cleaned and bandaged. They tell the people that everything will go well with them, but that is not true; things will not go well with them.
12They should be RHQ ashamed when they do disgusting things RHQ, but they do not even know how to show on their faces that they are ashamed about their sins. So, they will be killed, and their corpses also will lie among the corpses of others who have been slaughtered by their enemies. They will be killed when I punish them.
13I will allow their enemies to take away the figs and grapes that the people would have harvested from their fields. Their fruit trees will all wither. They will not receive all the blessings that I prepared for them. This will certainly happen because I, Yahweh, have said it.’ ”
14Then the people will say, “◄Why should we wait here in these small towns?/We should not wait here in these small towns. ► RHQ! We should go to the cities that have high walls around them, but even if we do that we will be killed there, because Yahweh our God has decided that we must be destroyed; it is as though MET he has given us a cup of poison to drink, because we sinned against him.
15We hoped/desired that things would go well for us, but things have not gone well. We hoped that bad things would not happen to us anymore, but only things that terrify us are happening to us.
16People far north in Israel in the city of Dan can already hear the snorting of the horses of their enemies who are preparing to attack us. It is as though the entire land of Judah is shaking as their army approaches; they are coming to destroy our land and everything in it, the people and the cities.”
17Yahweh says, “I will send those enemy soldiers to Judah, and they will be like MET poisonous snakes among you. No one will be able to stop them from attacking you MET; they will attack you like snakes do, and kill you.”
18I grieve very much for the people of Judah, and my grieving does not end. I am very sad IDM.

19Throughout our land, the people ask, “Has Yahweh abandoned Jerusalem? Is he, our city's king, no longer there?” Yahweh replies, “Why do the people cause me to become very angry by worshiping idols and foreign gods?” RHQ
20The people say, “The harvest season is finished, the ◄summer/hot season► has ended, and we hoped that we would receive blessings from Yahweh, but he has not rescued us from our enemies.”
21I cry because my people have been crushed. I mourn, and I am completely dismayed.
22I ask, “Surely there is RHQ medicinal balm in the Gilead region! Surely there are RHQ doctors there!” But my people have been badly wounded in their spirits, and nothing can heal them.