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Translation for Translators - Jeremiah

Jeremiah 18

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1Yahweh gave another message to me. He said,
2“Go to the shop of the man who makes clay pots. I will give you a message there.”
3So I went to that shop, and I saw the man who makes pots. He was working at the wheel that he uses to form pots.
4But when he finished making one jar, it was not as good as he hoped/wanted it to be. So, he took that clay and formed it into another jar, shaping it as he desired.
5Then Yahweh gave me this message:
6“Perhaps the people of Israel think that I cannot do to them like this man who makes pots has done RHQ. But what they think is wrong. I can control what happens to them like this man controls what he does with the clay in his hands.
7There may be a time when I proclaim that I will get rid of a nation or kingdom, like someone pulls up a plant with its roots, and smashes it, and destroys it.
8But if the people of that nation repent of doing evil things, I will not send to them the disasters that I planned to send.
9And there may be a time when I proclaim that I will establish a nation or kingdom and cause it to be strong MET.
10But if the people of that nation start to do evil things and refuse to obey me, then I will not bless them as I said that I would do.
11Therefore, Jeremiah, go and warn all the people in Jerusalem and in other places in Judah. Say to them, ‘This is what Yahweh says: “I am planning to cause you to experience a disaster DOU. So, each of you should turn from your evil behavior and start doing what is right, in order that you will not experience that disaster .” ' ’”
12So I told that message to the people, but they replied, “It is useless for you to tell us that. We will continue to be stubborn and behave as we want to.”
13So, this is what Yahweh says: “Ask the people who live in other nations if they have RHQ ever heard of such a thing. My Israeli people, who have been pure like MET virgins, have done a terrible thing!
14The snow certainly never RHQ completely disappears/melts from the rocky slopes of the mountains in Lebanon. The cold streams that flow down from those distant mountains never RHQ cease flowing.
15But my people are not as reliable as those streams: They have abandoned me. They burn incense to honor/worship worthless idols. It is as though they have stumbled as they walked along very old roads that are good roads, and now, instead, they are walking on dirt paths.
16Therefore, their land will become desolate, and people who see it will hiss to ridicule it. Eveyone who passes by will be appalled; they will shake their heads to show that they are shocked. .
17I will scatter the people when their enemies attack them like dust is scattered by an east wind. And when they experience all those difficulties/disasters, I will turn my back on them and refuse to help them.”
18Then some of the people said, “Come, let's plan to attack Jeremiah. We have many priests who teach us God's laws, and wise men who give us good advice, and prophets who tell us what will happen. We do not need Jeremiah So, let's slander him and not pay attention to anything that he says.”

19Then I prayed, “Yahweh, please listen to me! And listen to what my enemies are saying about me.
20I am doing things that are good, so it is disgusting that RHQ they are paying me back by doing evil things to me. It is as though they have dug a pit for me to fall into and die. Do not forget that one time I stood in front of you and pleaded for you to help them, and I tried to prevent you from punishing them MTY, even though you were very angry with them.
21So now, allow their children to die from hunger! Or cause them to be killed by their enemies' swords! Cause their wives to become widows, whose children are all dead! Cause their old men to die in a plague, and cause their young men to be killed in battles!
22Cause people to scream in their homes when enemy soldiers suddenly come into their houses! Cause all those things to happen to them because they want to kill me. It is as though they have dug a pit for me to fall into, and they have hidden traps along my path.
23Yahweh, you know all the things that they are planning to do to kill me. Do not forgive them for their crimes or blot out the record of their sins. Cause them to be destroyed; punish them because of your being angry with them!”