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Translation for Translators - Jeremiah

Jeremiah 11

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1This is another message that Yahweh told me:
2“Listen to the agreement that I made with the ancestors of the people of Jerusalem and the other cities in Judah. Then remind them of that agreement.
3Then tell them that I, Yahweh, the God whom the Israeli people worship, said that I will curse everyone who does not obey what was written in that agreement that I made with them.
4It is the same agreement that I made with their ancestors when I brought them out of Egypt. What happened to them in Egypt was terrible; it was as though they were living in a hot furnace MET. When I brought them out of Egypt, I told them to obey me, and to do everything that I had commanded them to do. I also told them that if they obeyed me, they would be my people and I would be their God.
5Now tell these people that if they obey me, I will do what I promised to do for their ancestors. I will enable them to continue living in this very fertile IDM land in which they now live.” I replied, “Yahweh, I hope that what you said will happen.”
6Then Yahweh said to me, “Go into the streets of Jerusalem and to the other cities in Judah. Proclaim my message to the people. Tell them to listen to the agreement that I made with their ancestors, and to obey it.
7When I brought their ancestors out of Egypt, I solemnly pleaded with them many times to obey me, and I am still pleading with them now.
8But they did not obey me or even pay any attention to me. Everyone continued to be stubborn and to do the evil things that they wanted to do. I commanded them to do what was written in the agreement, but they refused. So I punished them in all the ways that I promised that I would.”
9Then Yahweh said to me, “The people of Jerusalem and the other cities in Judah are rebelling against me.
10Their ancestors refused to do what I told them to do, and now these people have returned to committing the sins that their ancestors committed. They are worshiping other gods. The people of Israel disobeyed the agreement that I made with their ancestors, and now the people of Judah have done the same thing.
11So now I, Yahweh, am warning them that I will cause them to experience disasters, and they will not escape them. And when they cry out for me to help them, I will not pay attention.
12When that happens, the people in Jerusalem and other cities in Judah will offer sacrifices and burn incense to their gods and ask for their help, but those gods will not be able to save them when those disasters come to them.
13There are more gods in Judah than there are towns in Judah, and the people of Jerusalem have erected as many altars to burn incense to those gods as there are streets in Jerusalem.
14Jeremiah, do not pray for these people, and do not plead with me to rescue them. If you plead with me, I will not pay attention; and if they cry out to me for help when they are in distress, I will not listen to them.”
15Then Yahweh said, “The people of Judah whom I love certainly no longer have RHQ a right to come to my temple, because they continually do many evil things. They think that continually making sacrifices of meat to me certainly will RHQ protect them from disasters, with the result that they will be able to rejoice.
16I previously said that they were like an olive tree full of green leaves with a lot of good olives on it, but now I will send their enemies to attack them furiously; it is as though I will break off their branches, and their city will be destroyed by fire.
17It is as though the people of Judah and Israel were a beautiful olive tree that I, the Commander of the armies of angels, planted, but now, by burning incense to their god Baal, they have caused me to become very angry. So now I have decided to destroy them.”
18Yahweh revealed to me that my enemies were planning to kill me.

19Before he did that, I was like a lamb that was being led away to be slaughtered; I did not know what they were planning to do. I did not know that they were saying, “Let's get rid of this tree and its fruit,” so I did not know that they intended to kill me, in order that no one would remember me MTY.
20Then I prayed, “Commander of the armies of angels, you judge people justly/fairly, and you examine everything that we are thinking DOU. Allow me to watch you getting revenge on the people who want to kill me, because I trust that you will do for me what is right.”
21It was the men of my own town, Anathoth, who wanted to kill me, and they told me that they would kill me if I did not stop prophesying what Yahweh told me to say.
22So the Commander of the armies of angels said about them, “I will punish them. Their young men will be killed in wars, and their children will die because they have no food.
23I have set a time when I will bring disasters to the people of Anathoth, and when that happens, none of them will remain alive.”