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Brenton Septuagint Translation - Jezekiel

Jezekiel 41

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1And he brought me into the temple, the porch of which he measured, six cubits the breadth on one side, and six cubits the breadth of the porch on the other side.
2And the breadth of the gateway was ten cubits, and the side-pieces of the gateway were five cubits on this side, and five cubits on that side: and he measured the length of it, forty cubits, and the breadth, twenty cubits.
3And he went into the inner court, and measured the post of the door, two cubits; and the door, six cubits; and the side-pieces of the door, seven cubits on one side, and seven cubits on the other side.
4And he measured the length of the doors, forty cubits; and the breadth, twenty cubits, in front of the temple: and he said, This is the holy of holies.
5And he measured the wall of the house, six cubits: and the breadth of each side, four cubits round about.
6And the sides were twice ninety, side against side; and there was a space in the wall of the house at the sides round about, that they should be for them that take hold of them to see, that they should not at all touch the walls of the house.
7And the breadth of the upper side was made according to the projection out of the wall, against the upper one round about the house, that it might be enlarged above, and that men might go up to the upper chambers from those below, and from the ground-sills to the third story.
8And as for the height of the house round about, each space between the sides was equal to a reed of six cubits;
9and the breadth of the wall of each side without was five cubits; and the spaces that were left between the sides of the house,
10and between the chambers, were a width of twenty cubits, the circumference of the house.
11And the doors of the chambers were toward the space left by the one door that looked northward, and there was one door southward; and the breadth of the remaining open space was five cubits in extent round about.
12And the partition wall in front of the remaining space, toward the west, was seventy cubits in breadth; the breadth of the partition wall was five cubits round about, and the length of it ninety cubits.
13And he measured in front of the house a length of a hundred cubits, and the remaining spaces and the partitions; and the walls thereof were in length a hundred cubits.
14And the breadth in front of the house, and the remaining spaces before it were a hundred cubits.
15And he measured the length of the partition in front of the space left by the back parts of that house; and the spaces left on this side and on that side were in length a hundred cubits: and the temple and the corners and the outer porch were ceiled.
16And the windows were latticed, giving light round about to the three stories, so as to look through: and the house and the parts adjoining were planked round about, and so was the floor, and from the floor up to the windows, and the window shutters folded back in three parts for one to look through.
17And almost all the way to the inner, and close to the outer side, and upon all the wall round about within and without,
18were carved cherubs and palm-trees between the cherubs, and each cherub had two faces.

19The face of a man was toward one palm-tree on this side and on that side, and the face of a lion toward another palm-tree on this side and on that side: the house was carved all round.
20From the floor to the ceiling were cherubs and palm-trees carved.
21And the holy place and the temple opened on four sides; in front of the holy places the appearance was as the look of
22a wooden altar, the height of it three cubits, and the length two cubits, and the breadth two cubits; and it had horns, and the base of it and the sides of it were of wood: and he said to me, This is the table, which is before the face of the Lord.
23And the temple had two doors, and the sanctuary had two doors, with two turning leaves apiece;
24two leaves to the one, and two leaves to the other door.
25And there was carved work upon them, and cherubs on the doors of the temple, and palm-trees according to the carving of the sanctuary; and there were stout planks in front of the porch without.
26And there were secret windows; and he measured from side to side, to the roofing of the porch; and the sides of the house were closely planked.