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Wycliffe Bible - Deuteronomy

Deuteronomy 28

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1Forsothe if thou herist the vois of thi Lord God, that thou do and kepe alle hise comaundementis, whiche Y comaunde to thee to dai, thi Lord God schal make the hiyere than alle folkis that lyuen in erthe.
2And alle these blessyngis schulen come on thee, and schulen take thee; if netheles thou herist hise comaundementis.
3Thou schalt be blessid in citee, and blessid in feeld;
4blessid schal be the fruyt of thi wombe, and the fruyt of thi lond, and the fruit of thi beestis; `blessid schulen be the flockis of thi grete beestis, and the fooldis of thi scheep;
5blessid schulen be thi bernes, and `blessid schulen be `thi relifs;
6thou schalt be blessid entrynge, and goynge out.
7The Lord schal yyue thin enemyes fallynge in thi siyt, that schulen rise ayens thee; bi o weie thei schulen come ayens thee, and by seuene weies thei schulen fle fro thi face.
8The Lord schal sende out blessyng on thi celeris, and on alle the werkis of thin hondis; and he schal blesse thee in the lond which thou hast take.
9The Lord schal reise thee to hym silf in to an hooli puple, as he swoor to thee, if thou kepist the heestis of thi Lord God, and goist in his weies.
10And alle the puples of londis schulen se, that the name of the Lord is inwardli clepid on thee, and thei schulen drede thee.
11The Lord schal make thee to be plenteuouse in alle goodis, in fruyt of thi wombe, and in fruyt of thi beestis, in the fruyt of thi lond, which the Lord swoor to thi fadris, that he schulde yyue to thee.
12The Lord schal opene his beste tresour, heuene, that he yyue reyn to thi lond in his tyme; and he schal blesse alle the werkis of thin hondis; and thou schalt leene to many folkis, and of no man thou schalt take borewyng.
13The Lord God schal sette thee in to the heed, and not in to the tail, and euere thou schalt be aboue, and not bynethe; if netheles thou herist the comaundementis of thi Lord God, whiche Y comaunde to thee to day, and kepist,
14and doist, and bowist not awey fro tho, nether to the riyt side nether to the lefte side, nether suest alien goddis, nethir worschipist hem.
15That if thou nylt here the vois of thi Lord God, that thou kepe and do alle hise heestis, and cerymonyes, whiche Y comaunde to thee to day, alle these cursyngis schulen come on thee, and schulen take thee.
16Thou schalt be cursid in citee, cursid in feeld.
17Cursid `schal be thi berne, and cursid schulen be thi relifs.
18Cursid schal be the fruit of thi wombe, and the fruyt of thi lond; `cursid schulen be the drooues of thin oxun, and the flockis of thi scheep.

19Thou schalt be cursid goynge in, and `thou schalt be cursid goynge out.
20The Lord schal sende on thee hungur, and thurst, and blamyng in to alle thi werkis whiche thou schalt do, til he al to-breke thee, and leese swiftli, for thi werste fyndyngis, in whiche thou hast forsake me.
21The Lord ioyne pestilence to thee, til he waaste thee fro the lond, to which thou schalt entre to welde.
22The Lord smyte thee with nedynesse, feuyr, and coold, brennynge, and heete, and with corrupt eir, and rust; and pursue thee til thou perische.
23Heuene which is aboue thee be brasun; and the erthe which thou tredist be yrun.
24The Lord yyue dust for reyn to thi lond, and aysche come doun fro heuene on thee, til thou be al to-brokun.
25The Lord yyue thee fallynge bifor thin enemyes; bi o weie go thou ayens hem, and bi seuene weies fle thou, and be thou scaterid bi alle the rewmes of erthe;
26and thi deed bodi be in to mete to alle volatils of heuene, and to beestis of erthe, and noon be that dryue hem awai.
27The Lord smyte thee with the botche of Egipt, and `the Lord smyte the part of bodi wherbi `ordures ben voyded; also `the Lord smyte thee with scabbe, and yicchyng, so that thou mayst not be curid.
28The Lord smyte thee with madnesse, and blyndnesse, and woodnesse of thouyt;
29and grope thou in mydday, as a blynd man is wont to grope in derknessis; and dresse he not thi weies; in al tyme suffre thou fals chaleng, and be thou oppressid bi violence, nethir haue thou ony that schal delyuere thee.
30Take thou a wijf, and anothir man sleepe with hir; bilde thou an hows, and dwelle thou not ther ynne; plaunte thou a vyner, and gadere thou not grapis therof.
31Thin oxe be offrid bifor thee, and ete thou not therof; thin asse be rauyschid in thi siyt, and be not yoldun to thee; thi scheep be youun to thin enemyes, and noon be that helpe thee.
32Thi sones and thi douytris be youun to another puple, `while thin iyen seen, and failen at the siyt of hem al day; and no strengthe be in thin hond.
33A puple whom thou knowist not ete the fruytis of thi lond, and alle thi trauels; and euere be thou suffrynge fals calengis, and be thou oppressid in alle daies,
34and wondrynge at the ferdfulnesse of tho thingis whiche thin iyen schulen se.
35The Lord smyte thee with the worste botche in the knees, and in the hyndere partes of the leg; and thou mow not be heelid fro the sole of the foot `til to the top.
36And the Lord schal lede thee, and thi kyng, whom thou schalt ordeyne on thee, in to a folc which thou knowist not, thou, and thi fadris; and thou schalt serue there to alien goddis, to a tre, and stoon.

37And thou schalt be lost in to prouerbe, and fable to alle puplis, to whiche the Lord schal brynge thee yn.
38Thou schalt caste myche seed in to the erthe, and thou schalt gadere litil; for locustis schulen deuoure alle thingis.
39Thou schalt plaunte, and schalt digge a vyner, and thou schalt not drynke wyn, nether thou schalt gadere therof ony thing; for it schal be wastid with wormes.
40Thou schalt haue olyue trees in alle thi termes, and thou schalt not be anoyntid with oile; for tho schulen falle doun, and schulen perische.
41Thou schalt gendre sones and douytris, and thou schalt not vse hem; for thei schulen be led in to caitifte.
42Rust schal waaste alle thi trees and fruytis of thi lond.
43A comelyng, that dwellith with thee in the lond, schal stie on thee, and he schal be the hiyere; forsothe thou schalt go doun, and schalt be the lowere.
44He schal leene to thee, and thou schalt not leene to hym; he schal be in to the heed, and thou schalt be in to the tail.
45And alle these cursyngis schulen come on thee, and schulen pursue, and schulen take thee, til thou perische; for thou herdist not the vois of thi Lord God, nether kepist hise comaundementis and cerymonyes, whiche he comaundide to thee.
46And signes, and grete wondris schulen be in thee, and in thi seed, til in to withouten ende;
47for thou seruedist not thi Lord God in the ioye and gladnesse of herte, for the abundaunce of alle thingis.
48Thou schalt serue thin enemye, whom God schal sende to thee in hungur, and thirst, and nakidnesse, and in pouert of alle thingis; and he schal putte an yrun yok on thi nol, til he al to-breke thee.
49The Lord schal brynge on thee a folk fro fer place, and fro the laste endis of erthe, in to the licnesse of an egle fleynge with bire, of which folc thou maist not vnderstonde the langage;
50a folk moost greedi axere, that schal not yyue reuerence to an elde man, nethir haue mercy on a litil child.
51And schal deuoure the fruyt of thi beestis, and the fruytis of thi lond, til thou perischist, and schal not leeue to thee wheete, wyn, and oile, droues of oxun, and flockis of scheep,
52til he leese thee, and al to-breke in alle thi citees, and til thi sadde and hiye wallis be distried, in whiche thou haddist trust in al thi lond. Thou schalt be bisegid withynne thi yatis in al thi lond, which thi Lord God schal yyue to thee.
53And thou schalt ete the fruyt of thi wombe, and the fleischis of thi sones, and of thi douytris, whiche thi Lord God schal yyue to thee, in the angwisch and distriyng, bi which thin enemye schal oppresse thee.
54A man delicat of lijf, and `ful letcherouse, schal haue enuye to his brother, and wijf that liggith in his bosum,

55lest he yyue to hem of the fleischis of hise sones whiche he schal ete; for he hath noon other thing in biseging and pouert, bi which thin enemyes schulen waaste thee with ynne alle thi yatis.
56A tendur womman and delicat, that myyte not go on the erthe, nether set a step of foot, for most softnesse and tendirnesse, schal haue enuye to hir hosebonde that liggith in hir bosum, on the fleischis of sone and douyter,
57and on the filthe of skynnes, wherynne the child is wlappid in the wombe, that gon out of the myddis of hir `scharis, ethir hipe bonys, and on fre children that ben borun in the same our. Thei schulen ete `tho children priueli, for the scarsete of alle thingis in bisegyng and distriyng, bi which thin enemy schal oppresse thee with ynne thi yatis.
58No but thou schalt kepe and do alle the wordis of this lawe, that ben writun in this volym, `ether book, and schalt drede his gloriouse name and ferdful, that is thi Lord God,
59the Lord schal encreese thi woundis, and the woundis of thi seed; grete woundis and contynuel, sikenessis worste and euerlestinge.
60And he schal turne in to thee alle the turmentyngis of Egipt, whiche thou dreddist, and tho schulen cleue to thee.
61Ferthermore the Lord schal brynge on thee also alle the sorewis and woundis, that ben not writun in the volym of this lawe, til he al to-breke thee.
62And ye schulen dwelle fewe in noumbre, that weren bifore as the sterris of heuene for multitude, for thou herdist not the vois of thi Lord God.
63And as the Lord was glad bifore on you, and dide wel to you, and multipliede you; so he schal be glad, `and schal leese, and distrie you, that ye be takun awei fro the lond, to which thou schalt entre to welde.
64The Lord schal leese thee in to alle puplis, fro the hiynesse of erthe `til to the termes therof; and thou schalt serue there to alien goddis, whiche thou knowist not, and thi fadris `knowen not, to trees and stoonys.
65Also thou schalt not reste in tho folkis, nether rest schal be to the step of thi foot. For the Lord schal yyue to thee there a ferdful herte, and iyen failynge, and lijf waastyd with morenyng.
66And thi lijf schal be as hangynge bifore thee; thou schalt drede in nyyt and dai, and thou schal not bileue to thi lijf.
67In the morewtid thou schalt seie, Who schal yyue the euentid to me? and in the euentid `thou schalt seie, Who schal yyue the morewtid to me? for the drede of thin herte, bi which thou schalt be maad aferd, and for tho thingis whiche thou schalt see with thin iyen.
68The Lord schal lede thee ayen bi schipis in to Egipt, by the weie of which he seide to thee, that thou schuldist no more se it. There thou schalt be seeld to thin enemyes, in to seruauntis and `hand maidis; and noon schal be that schal delyuere thee.