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Wycliffe Bible - Deuteronomy

Deuteronomy 26

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1And whanne thou hast entrid in to the lond which thi Lord God schal yyue to thee to welde, and thou hast gete it, and hast dwellid therynne,
2thou schalt take the firste fruytis of alle thi fruytis, and thou schalt putte in a panyere; and thou schalt go to the place which thi Lord God chees, that his name be inwardly clepid there.
3And thou schalt go to the preest, that schal be in tho daies, and thou schalt seie to hym, Y knowleche to dai bifor thi Lord God, that Y entride in to the lond, for which he swoor to oure fadris, that he schulde yyue it to vs.
4And the preest schal take the panyere of thin hond, and schal sette bifor the auter of thi Lord God.
5And thou schalt speke in the siyt of thi Lord God, Sirus pursuede my fadir, `which fadir yede doun in to Egipt, and was a pilgrym there in feweste noumbre; and he encreesside in to a greet folk, and strong, and of multitude without noumbre.
6And Egipcians turmentiden vs, and pursueden, and puttiden greuouseste birthuns.
7And we crieden to the Lord God of oure fadris, which herde vs, and bihelde oure mekenesse, and trauel, and angwischis;
8and he ledde vs out of Egipt in myyti hond, and arm holdun forth, in grete drede, in myraclis, and grete wondris,
9and ledde vs in to this place; and yaf to vs a lond flowynge with mylk and hony.
10And therfor Y offre now to thee the fyrste fruytis of the fruitis of the lond which the Lord yaf to me. And thou schalt leeue tho in the siyt of thi Lord God. And whanne thi Lord God is worchipid,
11thou schalt ete in alle the goodis whiche thi Lord God yaf to thee and to thin hows, thou, and the dekene, and the comelyng which is with thee.
12Whanne thou hast fillid the tithe of alle thi fruytis, in the thridde yeer of tithis, thou schalt yyue to the dekene, and to the comelyng, and to the fadirles, ether modirles child, and to widewe, that thei ete with ynne thi yatis, and be fillid.
13And thou schalt speke in the siyt of thi Lord God, Y haue take awai that that is halewid of myn hows, and Y yaf it to the dekene, and to the comelyng, to the fadirles, ethir modirles child, and to the widewe, as thou comaundidist to me; Y passide not thi comaundementis, Y foryat not thin heest.
14Y ete not of tho thingis in my morenyng, nether Y departide tho in ony vnclennesse, nethir Y spendide of tho ony thing in biriyng of deed body, `that is, in makynge feestis therof in biryynge of deed men. Y obeiede to the vois of my Lord God, and Y dide alle thingis as thou comaundidist to me.
15Bihold thou fro thi seyntuarie, fro the hiy dwellyng place of heuene, and blesse thou thi puple Israel, and the lond which thou hast youe to vs, as thou `hast swoore to oure fadris; the lond flowynge with mylk and hony.
16To dai thi Lord God comaundide to thee, that thou do these comaundementis and domes, that thou kepe and fille of al thin herte, and of al thi soule.
17Thou hast chose the Lord to day, that he be God to thee, and thou go in hise weies, and thou kepe hise cerymonyes, and heestis, and domes, and obeie to his comaundement.
18Lo! the Lord chees thee to day, that thou be a special puple to hym, as he spak to thee, and that thou kepe alle hise comaundementis;

19and he schal make thee hiyere than alle folkis, whiche he made in to his preisyng, and name, and glorie; that thou be an holi puple of thi Lord God, as he spak to thee.