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Translation for Translators - Numbers

Numbers 9

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1One year after the Israelis left Egypt, during the month of March, while they were in the Sinai Desert, Yahweh said to Moses/me,
2“Tell the Israeli people that they must celebrate the Passover Festival again.
3They must do it on the fourteenth day of this month, early in the evening, and they must obey all the instructions about it that I gave you previously.”
4So Moses/I told the people what Yahweh had said about celebrating the Passover.
5The people celebrated it, there in the Sinai Desert, in the evening of the fourteenth day of the month, just as Yahweh had commanded Moses/me.
6But some of the Israeli people had touched a corpse, and as a result they had become unfit to celebrate the Passover. So they asked Aaron and Moses/me,
7“It is true that we have touched a corpse. But why should that prevent us from celebrating the Passover Festival and offering sacrifices to Yahweh like everyone else RHQ?”
8Moses/I replied, “Wait here until I go into the Sacred Tent and find out what Yahweh says about it.”
9So Moses/I went into the tent and asked Yahweh what he/I should tell the people, and this is what Yahweh said:
10“Tell this to the Israeli people: If any of you or your descendants touch a corpse and as a result become unacceptable to me, or if you are away from home on a long trip at the time to celebrate the Passover, you will still be permitted to celebrate it.
11But you must celebrate it exactly one month later, early in the evening of the fourteenth day of that month. Eat the meat of the lamb for the Passover Festival with bread that is baked without yeast and eat bitter herbs.
12Do not leave any of it until the next morning. And do not break any of the lamb's bones. Obey all the regulations about celebrating the Passover.
13But if any of you has not done anything that would make you unfit to celebrate the Passover Festival, and you are not away from home on a long trip, and you do not sacrifice to me at the proper time, you will no longer be allowed to associate with my people. ◄You will be punished/I will punish you►.
14Foreigners who live among you may also celebrate the Passover Festival, if they obey all my commands concerning it.”
15On the day that the Sacred Tent was set up, a cloud covered it. From the time that the sun set until the time that the sun rose the next day, the cloud resembled a huge fire. And that is what happened every day that we/the Israelis were in the desert.
17When the cloud rose up and started to move to a new location, we/they followed it. When the cloud stopped, we/the Israelis stopped there and set up their tents.
18We/They traveled when Yahweh, by causing the cloud to move or stop, signaled to us/them when to move and when to stop. When the cloud stayed over the Sacred Tent, we/the Israelis stayed at that place.
19Sometimes the cloud stayed over the tent for a long time, so when that happened, we/they did not travel.

20Sometimes the cloud remained over the tent for only a few days. We/The people stopped and set up our/their tents as Yahweh commanded us/them, and we/they traveled to a new location when Yahweh commanded us/them to do that.
21Sometimes the cloud stayed in one place for only one day. When that happened, when the cloud rose up into the sky the next morning, then we/they traveled. Whenever the cloud moved, during the day or during the night, we/they traveled.
22If the cloud stayed over the Sacred Tent for two days, or for a month, or for a year, during that time we/they stayed where we/they were. But when the cloud rose up into the sky, we/they started to travel.
23When Yahweh commanded us/them to stop and set up our/their tents, we/they did that. When he told us/them to move, we/they moved. We/They did whatever Yahweh told Moses/me that we/they should do.