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Translation for Translators - Numbers

Numbers 20

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1In March/April of the next year, the Israeli people traveled/walked to the Zin Desert and ◄camped/set up their tents► near Kadesh town. While they/we were there, Moses'/my older sister Miriam died and was buried there.
2There was no water for the people to drink there, so they came to Aaron and Moses/me.
3They complained and said, “We wish that we had died in front of Yahweh's Sacred Tent when our fellow Israelis died!
4◄Did you bring us, who are Yahweh's people, into this desert to die along with our livestock?/You brought us, who are Yahweh's people, into this desert to die along with our livestock!► RHQ
5Why did you bring us from Egypt to this miserable place RHQ? There is no grain, there are no figs, no grapes, and no pomegranates here. And there is no water for us to drink!”
6Aaron and Moses/I turned away from the people and went to the entrance of the Sacred Tent and prostrated themselves/ourselves on the ground. Then Yahweh appeared to them/us with his bright glory,
7and he said to Moses/me,
8“You and Aaron must take Aaron's walking stick with you and gather all the people together. While the people are watching, command that water will flow out of that large rock over there. Water for the people will flow from it; all they and all their livestock will have enough water to drink.”
9So Moses/I did what Yahweh told him/me to do. He/I took Aaron's walking stick from the place in the Sacred Tent where it was kept.
10Then Aaron and he/I summoned all the people to gather at the rock. Then Moses/I shouted to them, “All you rebellious people, listen! Is it necessary for us to give you water from this rock?”
11Then Moses/I raised his/my hand and instead of speaking to the rock, he/I struck the rock two times with the walking stick. And water gushed/poured out. So all the people and their livestock drank all the water that they wanted.
12But Yahweh said to Aaron and Moses/me, “You did not believe that I could demonstrate my power to the Israeli people and give them water without your striking the rock. So you will not lead them into the land that I am giving to them!”
13Later this place was called Meribah, which means ❛arguing❜, because there the Israeli people argued with Yahweh, and there he showed his power to them by giving them water.
14While the people were at Kadesh town, Moses/I sent messengers to the king of Edom to tell him this: “Your relatives, the Israeli people, are sending you this message. You know the many troubles/hardships that have happened to us.
15You know that our ancestors went down to Egypt. You know that they stayed there for many years. They suffered because the rulers of Egypt caused them to become their slaves and to work very hard.
16But when they called out to Yahweh, he heard them and sent an angel who brought them out of Egypt. Now we have set up our tents here at Kadesh, a town at the border of your land.
17Please allow us to travel through your country. We will be careful to not walk through your fields and your vineyards. We will not even drink water from your wells. As we travel, we will stay on the king's highway, the main road that goes from the south to the north, and we will not leave that road until we have crossed the border of your country in the north.”
18But the king of Edom refused. He replied, “Stay out of my country! If you try to enter it, I will send my army to attack you!”

19The Israeli messengers replied, “ If we travel through your country, we will stay on the main road. If we and any of our livestock drink any of your water, we will pay for it. We want only to travel through your country. We do not want anything else.”
20But the king replied, “No! Stay out of our country! We will not allow you to travel through our land!” Then he sent the strongest soldiers in his army to prevent the Israelis from entering his country.
21So, because the king of Edom refused to allow the Israelis to travel through his country, the Israelis turned and traveled a different way.
22The Israeli people left Kadesh. They went to Hor Mountain,
23which is at the border of Edom. While they were there, Yahweh said to Aaron and Moses/me,
24“It is time for Aaron to die EUP. He will not enter the land that I am giving to you Israelis, because the two of you disobeyed me when I told you to speak to the rock to cause the water to flow at Meribah.
25Now you, Moses, take Aaron and his son Eleazar up on Hor Mountain.
26There you must remove Aaron's robes that he wears when he does the work of a priest, and put them on his son, Eleazar. Aaron will die up there.”
27So Moses/I did what Yahweh commanded. The three of them/us climbed up Hor Mountain, while all the Israeli people watched.
28At the top of the mountain, Moses/I took off the robes that Aaron wore while he did the work of a priest and put them on Eleazar. Then Aaron died there on the top of the mountain, and Eleazar and Moses/I went back down.
29When the Israeli people realized that Aaron had died, they all mourned for him for thirty days.