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Translation for Translators - Malachi

Malachi 2

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1You priests, I will say something to warn you.
2The Commander of the armies of angels says this: “Pay attention to what I am saying, and then decide IDM to honor me MTY. If you do not do that, I will curse you, and I will curse the things that I have given to you to bless you. And I have already cursed them, because you have not honored IDM me.
3I will punish your descendants MET, and it will be as though I will splatter on your faces some of the material inside the stomachs of the animals that are brought to be sacrificed, and you will be thrown away with the rest of that material.
4When that happens, you will know that I warned you like this, in order that my agreement with you priests who are descendants of Levi will continue to be obeyed. That is what I, the Commander of the armies of angels, am saying to you.
5My agreement with your ancestor Levi was because I wanted the priests to live prosperously and peacefully. And that is what I have done for them. I required that they greatly respect me and revere DOU me.
6They told the people that what I instructed them to do was right. And they did not tell MTY lies. They worked for me peacefully and loyally, and they helped many people to stop sinning.
7What priests say MTY should enable more people to know about me, and people should go to them MTY to be taught what I want them to know, because priests should be messengers from me, the Commander of the armies of angels.
8But, you priests have stopped doing what I wanted you to do. What you have taught people has caused many of them to sin. You have rejected the agreement that I made with the descendants of Levi long ago.
9Therefore I have caused all the people to despise you, and I have caused you to be humiliated, because you have not obeyed me. When you teach people my commands, you do not treat all people equally.”
10Now I will warn you about something else. We all certainly RHQ have the same heavenly Father. We are certainly RHQ all created by the same God. So why are RHQ some of you disobeying/despising the agreement that Yahweh made with our ancestors, by not doing for each other what you said that you would do?
11You people of Judah have been unfaithful to Yahweh. You have done detestable things in Jerusalem and in other places in Israel. You Israeli men have defiled the temple that Yahweh loves. You have done that by marrying women who worship idols.
12I wish that Yahweh would expel from Israel every man who has done that, even though they say that they are obeying the Commander of the armies of angels by bringing offerings to him.
13This is another thing that you do: You cover Yahweh's altar with your tears. You wail because he no longer pays attention to your offerings; but he is not pleased with them.
14You cry out, saying, “Why does Yahweh not like our offerings?” The answer is that Yahweh heard what each of you men solemnly promised to your wives when you were young. But you men have not done what you promised your wives; you sent them away, the ones to whom you made that agreement.
15It is certainly RHQ Yahweh who joined you together. Your spirits and your bodies belong to him. So what he wants RHQ from you are godly children. So make sure that each of you men remain ◄with/loyal to► the woman that you married when you were young.
16Yahweh, the God to whom we Israelis belong, says, “I hate divorce!” So if you men divorce your wives, you are overwhelming them by being cruel to them. So be sure that you are ◄not disloyal/remain united► to your wives. That is what the Commander of the armies of angels says.
17Yahweh also says, “What you have said has caused me to become disgusted.” You reply, “What have we said that caused him to become disgusted?” The answer is that you have caused him to become disgusted by saying that Yahweh is pleased with all those who do evil things. You have caused him to become disgusted by constantly asking, “Why does God not act fairly?”