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Free Bible Version - Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes 11

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1Send your bread out on the surface of the water, and many days later you will find it again.
2Share what you own with seven or eight people, for you never know what disaster could happen.
3When the clouds are full they pour rain down upon the earth. Whether a tree falls to the north or to the south, it stays where it fell.
4The farmer who pays attention to the direction of the wind knows when not to sow, and by watching the clouds knows when not to reap.
5Just as you don't know how the breath of life comes to the child in its mother's womb, so you can't understand the work of God, the Creator of everything.
6In the morning, sow your seed. In the evening, don't stop. For you have no way of knowing which crop will grow well—one may be profitable, or the other—or maybe both.
7How sweet it is to live in the light, to see the sun rise on another day.
8May you live for many years, and may you enjoy them all. But remember there will many days of darkness, and all that is to come is uncertain.
9Young people, enjoy your youth! Be happy with what's good! While you're young, let your mind guide your life, and do as you think best. But remember that God will judge you for all your thoughts and actions.
10So don't let your mind worry, and avoid things that hurt your body. Even so, despite youth and enthusiasm, life is still so hard to understand!