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Translation for Translators - Song of Songs

Song of Songs 4

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1My darling, you are beautiful, you are very beautiful! Underneath your veil, your eyes are as gentle as MET doves. Your long black hair moves from side to side like SIM a flock of black goats moving down the slopes of Gilead Mountain.
2Your teeth are very white like SIM a flock of sheep whose wool has just been ◄shorn/cut off► and that have come up from being washed in a stream. You have all of your teeth; none of them is missing.
3Your lips are like SIM a scarlet ribbon, and your mouth is lovely. Beneath your veil, your round, rosy/red cheeks are like SIM the halves of a pomegranate.
4Your long neck is beautiful like SIM the tower of King David that was built using layers/rows of stone. The ornaments on your necklaces are like a thousand HYP shields that are hanging on the walls of a tower; each one belongs to a warrior.
5Your breasts are as beautiful SIM as two ◄fawns/young gazelles► that eat grass among lilies.
6Until dawn tomorrow morning and the nighttime shadows/darkness disappear, I will lie close to your breasts that are like MET hills that are covered with incense DOU.
7My darling, you are completely beautiful; your body is perfectly formed!
8My bride, it is as though you are in MET Lebanon far away, where I cannot reach you; come back to me. It is as though you are inaccessible MET on the top of Hermon Mountain or the nearby peaks. Come from where the lions have their dens and where the leopards live on the mountains.
9My bride DOU, you who are dearer to me than my sister, you have captured my affection IDM by only once quickly looking at me, and by one strand of jewels in your necklace.
10My bride, your love for me is delightful! It more delightful than wine! And the fragrance of your perfume is more pleasing than any spice!
11Being kissed by you is as enjoyable as eating MTY honey; your kisses are as sweet as milk mixed with honey. The aroma of your clothes is like SIM the aroma of cedar trees in Lebanon.
12My bride, you who are dearer to me than MET my sister, you are like MET a garden that is locked in order that other men cannot enter it; you are like MET a spring or a fountain that is covered in order that others may not drink from it.
13You are like MET an orchard of pomegranate trees full of delicious fruit, and plenty of plants that produce henna and nard spices,
14and saffron and calamus and cinnamon and many other kinds of incense, and myrrh and aloes and many other fine spices.
15You are like MET a fountain in a garden, like MET a spring of clear water that flows down from the mountains of Lebanon.
16I want the north wind and the south wind to come, and blow on my garden, in order that the fragrance of the spices will spread through the air. Similarly, I want the one who loves me to come and enjoy cuddling up to me like MET, EUP someone comes into a garden and enjoys eating the fruit that grows there.