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Translation for Translators - Song of Songs

Song of Songs 1

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1This is King Solomon's most beautiful song.
2Kiss me on my lips, because your love for me is more delightful than wine.
3The fragrance of the cologne on your skin is very sweet/pleasing CHI. And your reputation is very good and spreads, like SIM the fragrance of the special oil spread on your skin. That is why the other young women are attracted to you.
4Take me quickly; take me to your home. It is as though you are my king; take me into your room. We are very happy DOU about you; we say that your love for each other is better than wine. It is not surprising that the other young women adore you.
5You women of Jerusalem, I am dark but beautiful; my dark skin is like SIM the tents in Kedar, or like the beautiful curtains in Solomon's palace.
6But do not stare at me because of the sun having caused my skin to become dark; my brothers were angry with me, so they forced me to work out in the sunshine in the vineyards, so I was not able to take good care of my body/skin CHI, MET.
7You whom I SYN love, where will you take your flock of sheep today? Where will you allow them to rest at noontime? I want to know because it is not right RHQ for me to wander around like a prostitute looking for you among the flocks that belong to your friends.
8You who are the most beautiful of all the women, if you search for me and do not know where I will take my sheep, follow the tracks/footprints of the sheep. Then allow your young goats to ◄graze/eat grass► near the shepherds' tents.
9You are beautiful, my darling, like the young female horse that pulls the chariot of the king of Egypt.
10Your cheeks are decorated with jewelry, and there are strings of beads/pearls around your neck.
11We will make for you some gold earrings that are decorated/inlaid with silver.
12While the king was on his couch, the smell of my perfume spread around the room.
13The man who loves me is as delightful as MET a ◄sachet/small cloth bag► of myrrh between my breasts.
14He is like MET a bunch of flowers from the vineyards at En-Gedi.
15You whom I love, you are beautiful; you are very beautiful! Your eyes are as delightful/charming as doves.
16You who love me, you are very delightful/handsome, you are wonderful! This green grass will be like a couch where we lie down.
17Branches of cedar trees will shade us; it is as though branches of juniper/pine trees will be like MET a roof over our heads.