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Translation for Translators - Romans

Romans 16

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1By means of this letter I am introducing and recommending to you our fellow believer Phoebe, who will be taking this letter to you. She is a deacon in the congregation in Cenchrea city.
2I request that you receive her because of her relationship with the Lord. You should do that because those who are God's people ought to receive their fellow believers. I am also requesting that you help her by giving her EUP whatever she needs, because she has helped many people, including me.
3Tell Priscilla and her husband Aquila that I ◄send greetings to/am thinking fondly of► them. They worked with me for Christ Jesus,
4and they were even willing to die IDM in order to save my life. It is not only I who thank them for helping me, but the people in all HYP the non-Jewish congregations also thank them for saving my life.
5Also tell the congregation that meets in their house that I ◄send my greetings to/am thinking fondly of► them. Tell my dear friend Epaenetus the same thing. He is the first man in Asia province who believed in Christ.
6Tell Mary, who has worked hard for Christ in order to help you, that I ◄send my greetings to/am thinking fondly of► her.
7Tell the same thing to Andronicus and his wife Junia (OR, and his sister Junia) who are my fellow Jews and who were also previously in prison with me. They are well-known/respected (OR, respected by the) apostles, and they became Christians before I did.
8I also send my greetings to Ampliatus, who is a dear friend because of his relationship with the Lord.
9I also send my greetings to Urbanus, who works for Christ with us, and to my dear friend Stachys.
10I also send my greetings to Apelles, whom Christ has approved because Apelles successfully endured trials. Tell the believers who live in the house of Aristobulus that I send my greetings to them.
11Also tell Herodion, who is my fellow Jew, that I send my greetings to him. Tell the same thing to those who live in the house of Narcissus who belong to the Lord.
12Tell the same thing to Tryphaena and her sister Tryphosa, who work hard for the Lord. I also send my greetings to Persis. We all love her and she has worked very hard for the Lord.
13Tell Rufus, who is an outstanding Christian, that I send my greetings to him. Tell the same thing to his mother, who has treated me as though I were her son MET.
14Tell Asyncritus and Phlegon and Hermes and Patrobas and Hermas and the fellow believers who meet with them that I am sending my greetings to them.
15I also send my greetings to Philologus, to his wife Julia (OR, his sister Julia), to Nereus and his sister, and to Olympas, and to all God's people who meet with them.
16Greet one another affectionately, but in a pure way, when you gather together. The believers in all the Christian congregations HYP in this area ◄send their greetings to/say they are thinking fondly of► you.
17My fellow believers, I exhort you that you beware of those people who are causing divisions among you and who cause people to turn away from God MTY because they teach things that are contrary to the message about Christ that you have learned (OR, that others taught you). Keep away from such people!
18They do not serve our Lord Christ! On the contrary, they only want to satisfy their own desires MTY! Also, by all the eloquent things that they say DOU they deceive those people who do not realize that their teaching is false.

19Believers everywhere know that you have paid attention to the good message about Christ, with the result that I rejoice about you. But I also want you to be wise, with the result that you do what is good. I also want you to avoid doing what is evil.
20If you avoid people who teach what is false, what will soon happen MET will be as though God, who causes us to be peaceful, will be crushing Satan under your feet! I pray that our Lord Jesus will continue to act kindly towards you.
21Timothy, who works with me, and Lucius and Jason and Sosipater, who are my fellow Jews, want you to know that they are ◄sending their greetings to/thinking fondly of► you.
22I, Tertius, one who belongs to the Lord, also want you to know that I am ◄sending my greetings to/thinking fondly of► you. I am writing this letter as Paul tells me what to write for him.
23I, Paul, am staying in the house of Gaius, and the whole congregation here meets in his house. He also wants you to know that he is ◄sending his greetings to/thinking fondly of► you. Erastus, the treasurer of this city, also wants you to know that he is ◄sending his greetings to/thinking fondly of► you. Our fellow believer Quartus also ◄sends his greetings to you./says he is thinking fondly of you.►
25As I proclaim the good message about Jesus Christ, I tell about God, the one who is able to strengthen you spiritually. I also proclaim the truth that was not revealed {which God did not reveal} in all previous ages/times
26but which has now been {which he has now} revealed. I, along with others, have proclaimed what the prophets wrote about Christ. We are doing what the eternal God commanded us(exc)/me to do. We want people in all ethnic groups to know Christ so that they can believe in him and obey him.
27I desire that by Jesus Christ enabling us, we will forever praise the one who alone is God, who alone is truly wise. ◄May it be so!/Amen!►