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Translation for Translators - Romans

Romans 12

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1My fellow believers, since God has acted mercifully toward you in so many ways, I appeal to all of you that you present yourselves SYN to him by making yourselves like holy sacrifices MET. Make yourselves sacrifices that he is pleased with, sacrifices that are living/alive, not ones that are dead/killed. Since God has done so much for you/us, this is the only appropriate way to serve him.
2Do not let anything non-Christian determine how you should act. Instead, let God change your way of life by making your way of thinking new, in order that you may know what he wants you to do. That is, you will know what is good, and you will know what pleases God, and you will know how to be all that he wants you to be.
3Because God has kindly appointed me to be his apostle, which I did not deserve, I say this to every one of you: Do not think about yourselves more highly than what is right for you to think! Instead, think about yourselves in a sensible way that corresponds to the abilities that God has given you because you trust in Christ.
4Although a person has one body, it consists of many parts. All of the parts are needed for the body, but they do not all function the same way.
5Similarly we, although we are many, are united into one group because of our relationship with Christ, and we belong to one another. So no one should act as though he is needed by God more than others are!
6Instead, since each one of us can do various things that differ according to the abilities that God has given to us, we should do them diligently and cheerfully! Those whom God has enabled to speak messages from him should speak what corresponds to what they believe God told them.
7Those whom God has enabled to serve others should do that. Those whom God has enabled to teach his truth should do that.
8Those whom God has enabled to encourage/exhort his people should do that. Those who share their goods/money with others should do it sincerely/generously. Those who lead the congregation should do it wholeheartedly. Those who help the needy should do it cheerfully.
9Love others sincerely! Hate what is evil! Continue to eagerly do what God considers to be good!
10Love one another as members of the same family do; and, you should be ◄the first ones/eager► to honor each other!
11Do not be lazy. Instead, be eager to serve the Lord God!
12Rejoice because you are confidently awaiting what God will do for you! When you suffer, be patient! Keep praying and never give up!
13If any of God's people lacks anything, share with them what you have! Readily take care of travelers who need a place to stay!
14Ask God to be kind to those who ◄persecute you/cause you to suffer► because you believe in Jesus! Ask him to be kind to them; do not ask him to cause bad things to happen to them.
15If someone is joyful, you should rejoice also! If someone is sad, you should also be sad!
16Desire for others what you desire for yourselves (OR, Live harmoniously with each other)! Do not do things because you want to be famous! Instead, be content to do tasks that others consider that only unimportant people do (OR, to associate with unimportant people). Do not consider yourselves wise.
17Do not do something evil to anyone who has done something evil to you. Act in a way that all people will recognize as good!
18Live peacefully with other people whenever it is possible, to the extent that you can influence the situation.

19My fellow believers whom I love, do not do something evil in return when people do something evil to you! Instead, allow God to punish them MTY, because it is {someone has} written in the Scriptures that the Lord said, “‘It is my responsibility to take revenge; I am the one who will punish people who do something something evil to you DOU,’ says the Lord.”
20Instead of doing something evil to those who have done something evil to you, do as the Scriptures teach: “If your (sg) enemies are hungry, feed them! If they are thirsty, give them something to drink! By doing that, you (sg) will cause them to feel ashamed and perhaps they will change their attitude toward you IDM.”
21Do not let evil things that others have done to you overcome you (sg) by making you do evil things to them! PRS Instead, overcome the evil things that they have done by doing good deeds to them!