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Translation for Translators - Deuteronomy

Deuteronomy 26

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1“After you occupy the land that Yahweh our God is giving to you, and you ◄have settled/are living► there,
2each of you must take some of the first crops that you harvest, put them in a basket, and take them to the place that Yahweh will have chosen for you to worship MTY there.
3Go to the Supreme Priest who is serving at that time and say to him, ‘ By giving you this first part of my harvest today, I am declaring to Yahweh our God that I have picked it in the land that he vowed to our ancestors to give to us.’
4Then the priest must take the basket of food from your hand and put it on the altar where sacrifices are offered to Yahweh our God.
5Then in Yahweh's presence you must say this: ‘My ancestor Jacob was a man from Aram/Syria who was continually wandering from one place to another. He took his family to Egypt. They were a small group when they went there, but they lived there and their descendants became a very large/populous DOU and powerful nation.
6Then the people of Egypt treated them very harshly DOU, and they forced them to become their slaves and to work very hard.
7Then our ancestors cried out to you, Yahweh our God, and you heard them. You saw that they were suffering, and that they were forced to work very hard, and were being oppressed.
8Then by your great power MTY and by performing many kinds of miracles DOU, and other terrifying things, you brought them out of Egypt.
9You brought us to this land and gave it to us, a land that is very fertile IDM.
10So now, Yahweh, I have brought to you the first part of the harvest from the land that I received.’ Then you must set the basket down in Yahweh's presence and worship him there.
11And you must celebrate by eating a meal together to thank Yahweh our God for all the good things that he has given to you and to your family. And you must invite the descendants of Levi and the foreigners who are living among you to also rejoice and eat with you.
12Every third year, you must bring to the descendants of Levi and to the foreigners who are living among you and the orphans and the widows ◄a tithe/10 percent► of your crops, in order that in every town they will have plenty to eat.
13Then you must say to Yahweh, ‘I have brought to you, from my house, all of the sacred tithe from my harvest this year. I am giving it to the descendants of Levi, to the foreigners, the orphans, and the widows, as you commanded us to do. I have not disobeyed any of your commands about the tithes, and I have not forgotten any of your commands about tithes.
14I declare that I have not eaten any food from the tithe while I was mourning for someone who died. And I have not touched any of it while I was unacceptable to you; I have not offered any of it to spirits of dead people. Yahweh, I have obeyed you and done everything that you have commanded us concerning the tithe.
15So please look down from your holy place in heaven, and bless us, your Israeli people. Also bless this very fertile IDM land which you have given to us, which is what you promised our ancestors that you would do.’
16Today Yahweh our God is commanding you to obey all these rules and regulations. So obey them faithfully, with your entire inner being DOU.
17Today you have declared that Yahweh is your God, and that you will conduct your lives as he wants you to do, and that you will obey all his commands and rules and regulations, and that you will do all that he tells you to do.
18And today Yahweh has declared that you are his people, which is what he promised that you would be, and he commands you to obey all his commands.

19If you do that, he will cause you to become greater than any other nation that he has established, and he will enable you to praise him and honor him DOU. You will truly belong to Yahweh our God, which is what he has promised.”