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Translation for Translators - Deuteronomy

Deuteronomy 24

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1“Suppose a man marries a woman and later decides that he does not want her because there is something about her that he doesn't like. And suppose he writes on paper that he is divorcing her, and he gives the paper to her SYN and sends her away from his house.
2Then suppose that she goes and marries another man,
3and that man later also decides that he does not like her, and he also writes on paper that he is divorcing her, and he sends her away from his house. Or, suppose that the second husband dies.
4If either of those things happens, her first husband must not marry her again. He must consider that she has become unacceptable to Yahweh. Yahweh would consider it to be disgusting if he married her again. You must not sin MTY by doing that in the land that Yahweh our God is giving to you.
5When some man has recently become married, he must not be required to become a soldier in the army or be required to do any other work for the government for one year after being married. He should stay happily at home with his wife for that year.
6Anyone who lends money to someone else is allowed to require that person to give him something to guarantee that he will pay back the money that he borrowed. But he must not take from him his ◄millstone/stone for grinding grain►. That would be taking the millstone that his family needs to grind the grain to make the bread they need to stay alive.
7If someone kidnaps/steals a fellow Israeli to cause that person to become his slave or to sell him to become someone else's slave, you must execute the person who did that. By doing that, you will get rid of this evil among you.
8If you are suffering from ◄leprosy/a dreaded skin disease►, be sure to do everything that the priests, who are from the tribe of Levi, tell you to do. Obey carefully the instructions that I have given to them.
9Do not forget what Yahweh our God did to Miriam, when she became a leper, after your ancestors left Egypt.
10When you lend something to someone, do not go into his house to take the cloak that he says that he will give you to guarantee that he will return what he has borrowed.
11Stand outside his house, and the man to whom you are lending something will bring the cloak out to you.
12But if he is poor, do not keep that cloak all night.
13When the sun sets, take the cloak back to him, in order that he may wear it while he sleeps. If you do that, he will ask God to bless you, and Yahweh our God will be pleased with you.
14Do not mistreat any servants whom you have hired who are poor and needy DOU, whether they are Israelis or foreigners who are living in your town.
15Every day, before sunset, you must pay/give them the money that they have earned. They are poor and they need to get their pay. If you do not pay them right away, they will cry out against you to Yahweh, and he will punish MTY you for having sinned like that.
16Parents must not be executed for crimes that their children have committed, and children must not be executed for crimes that their parents have committed. People should be executed only for the crimes that they themselves have committed.
17You must LIT do for foreigners who live among you and for orphans what the laws state must be done for them. And if you lend something to a widow, do not take her coat from her as a guarantee that she will return it.
18Do not forget that you had great hardships/troubles when you were slaves in Egypt, and Yahweh our God rescued you from there. That is why I am commanding you to help others who have troubles.

19When you harvest your crops, if you have forgotten that you left one bundle in the field, do not go back to get it. Leave it there for foreigners, orphans, and widows. If you do that, Yahweh will bless you in everything that you do.
20And when you have harvested/picked all your olives from the trees once, do not go back to pick the ones that are still on the trees.
21Similarly, when you pick the grapes in your vineyard, do not go back a second time to try to find more. Leave them for the foreigners, orphans, and widows among you.
22Do not forget that Yahweh was kind to you when you were slaves in Egypt. That is why I am commanding you to be kind to those who are needy.”