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Translation for Translators - Daniel

Daniel 10

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1During the third year that Cyrus was the king of Persia, I Daniel, who had been given the name Belteshazzar, received another message from God. The message was true, but it was very difficult for me to understand it. But later I understood the message because of the vision that I had seen.
2At that time I had been sad for three weeks about what had happened to Jerusalem.
3I did not eat any tasty food or any meat or drink any wine. I did not even put any perfumed oil on my face or hair for those three weeks.
4When those three weeks ended, on April 23, my companions and I were standing on the bank of the great Tigris River.
5I looked up and saw someone there who was wearing fine white/linen clothes and a belt made of pure gold.
6His body shone like a precious beryl stone. His face was as bright as a flash of lightning. His eyes were/shone like flaming torches. His arms and legs shone like polished bronze. And his voice was very loud, like the roar of a huge crowd.
7I, Daniel, was the only one who saw this vision. The men who were with me did not see anything, but they sensed that someone was there, and they became terrified. They ran away and hid themselves.
8So I was left there by myself, looking at this very unusual vision. I had no strength left. My face became very pale, with the result that no one would have recognized me.
9I saw a man there, and when I heard him speak, I fell to the ground. I ◄fainted/became unconscious►, and I lay there with my face on the ground.
10Suddenly someone's hand took hold of me and lifted me, with the result that I was on my hands and knees, but I was still trembling.
11The man said to me, “Daniel, God loves you very much. Stand up and listen to what I am going to say to you, because God sent me to you.” When he said that, I stood up, but I was still trembling.
12Then he said to me, “Daniel, do not be afraid. God has heard what you have prayed ever since the first day that you determined to humble yourself in order to understand the vision. I have come to you because of what you prayed.
13The evil spirit who rules the kingdom of Persia resisted/hindered me for 21 days, but Michael, who is one of God's chief angels, came to help me. I left him there in Persia to resist that evil spirit who rules there.
14I have come here to enable you to understand what will happen to the Israeli people in the future. Do not forget that the vision that you saw is about things that will happen in the distant future, not about things that will happen very soon.”
15While he was saying that, I stared at the ground and was unable to say anything because I was very afraid.
16Suddenly the angel, who resembled a human, touched my lips. Then I was able to speak, and I said to him, “Sir, because I have seen this vision, I have become very weak, with the result that I cannot stop trembling.
17I am not able RHQ to talk to you, my master. I have no strength left, and it is very difficult for me to breathe.”
18But he took hold of me again, and enabled me to become stronger again.

19He said to me, “You human, God loves you very much. So do not be afraid. I desire/want things to go well for you and that you will be encouraged.” When he had said that, I felt even stronger, and I said, “Sir, tell me what you want to tell me. You have enabled me to feel stronger.”
20Then he said, “◄Do you know why I came to you?/I will tell you why I came to you.► RHQ It is to reveal to you what is written in the book which reveals/contains God's truth. But now I must return to fight against the evil spirit who rules the kingdom of Persia. After I have defeated him, the evil angel who guards Greece will appear and I must defeat him. Michael, who guards you Israeli people, will help me, but there is no one else to help me.”