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Translation for Translators - 2 Chronicles

2 Chronicles 8

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1Solomon's workers worked for twenty years to build the temple and the king's palace.
2Then his workers rebuilt the cities that King Hiram had given back to Solomon, and Solomon sent Israelis to live in those cities.
3Solomon's army then went to Hamath-Zobah town and captured it.
4His workers also rebuilt walls around Tadmor town in the desert, and in the Hamath region in all the towns where they kept supplies.
5They rebuilt Upper Beth-Horon town and Lower Beth-Horon city, and built walls around them with gates in the walls and bars to fasten the gates.
6They also rebuilt Baalath town and all the cities where supplies were kept and the cities where Solomon's chariots and horses were kept. Solomon's workers built whatever he wanted them to build, in Jerusalem and in Lebanon, and in other places in the area that he ruled.
7Solomon forced people from many other groups who were not Israelis to work for him like slaves. They were people from the Heth, Amor, Periz, Hiv, and Jebus people-groups.
8They were descendants of groups whom the Israelis had not completely destroyed. Solomon forced them to become his slaves, and they are still slaves.
9But Solomon did not force Israelis to work for him. Israelis became his soldiers and commanders of his chariots and his chariot-drivers.
10They were also King Solomon's chief officials. There were 250 of them, and they supervised the workers.
11Solomon moved his wife, who was the daughter of the king of Egypt, from the place outside Jerusalem called ❛The City of David❜ to the place that his workers had built for her. He said, “I do not want my wife to live in the palace that my father King David's workers built, because the Sacred Chest was in that palace for a while, and any place where the Sacred Chest has been is holy.”
12On the altar that Solomon's workers had built in front of the entrance to the temple, Solomon sacrificed many offerings that were to be completely burned.
13He did that to obey the rules about what sacrifices Moses had declared should be made. These included sacrifices for every day and for the Sabbath days and to celebrate each day on which there was a new moon and for the three other festivals that were celebrated each year. Those festivals were the Festival of Eating Unleavened Bread, the Harvest Festival, and the Festival of Living in Temporary Shelters.
14Obeying what his father David had commanded, he appointed the groups of priests for their work, and he appointed the descendants of Levi to lead the people while they sang to praise Yahweh and while they assisted the priests in their daily work. He also appointed groups of them to guard all the gates, because that was also what David, the man who pleased God very well, had commanded.
15The priests and other descendants of Levi obeyed completely everything that the king commanded, including taking care of the storerooms.
16They did all the work of building the temple that Solomon told them to do, until it was all completed. So they finishing building the temple.
17Then some of Solomon's men went to Ezion-Geber and Elath cities on the coast of the Red Sea, an area that belonged to the Edom people-group.
18King Hiram sent to Solomon from Tyre city some ships that were commanded by his officers. They were men who were experienced sailors. These men went in the ships with Solomon's men to the Ophir region and brought back about 17 tons of gold, which they delivered to King Solomon.