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Translation for Translators - Zechariah

Zechariah 9

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1This is another message that I received from Yahweh. Yahweh said, “I watch MTY everyone, especially the tribes of Israel; so I will punish the people in the Hadrach region and in Damascus city because of what they did to the people of Israel.
2I will also punish the people in nearby Hamath city. I will also punish the people in Tyre and Sidon cities, even though they are considered to be IRO very wise.
3The people in Tyre built a high wall around their city. They piled up huge amounts of silver and gold as though they were piles of dirt in the streets.
4But I, Yahweh, will cause their precious possessions to be taken away and all their ships to be destroyed, and their city will be destroyed by a fire.
5The people in Ashkelon city will see that happen, and they will become very afraid. The people in Gaza city will shake because of being terrified, and the people in Ekron city will shake too, because they will no longer expect to prosper. The king of the city of Gaza will be killed, and the city of Ashkelon will be deserted.
6Foreigners will occupy Ashdod city. I will cause the people in all those cities of Philistia to no longer be proud.
7I will no longer allow them to eat MTY meat that still has blood in it, and I will forbid them to eat MTY food that I MTY have not allowed them to eat because it was offered to idols. At that time, the people in Philistia who survive will worship me, and they will become my people, like the people of Judah are. The Philistine people of Ekron will also become my people like SIM the people of Jebus did when they were conquered.
8I will protect my temple, and I will not allow any enemy soldiers to enter it. No enemies will harm my people again, because I will be watching over my people carefully.
9Rejoice very much, you people of Jerusalem APO, DOU and shout joyfully, because your king will be coming to you. He is righteous and victorious; but he will be gentle, and he will be riding on a donkey, on a young female donkey.
10I will get rid of the chariots in the Ephraim region that are used in battles and all the war horses in Jerusalem. All the bows used in wars will be broken. Your king will proclaim that he will cause things to go well and peacefully in the nations. He will rule the area from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea, and from the Euphrates River to the most distant places on the earth.
11As for you my people of Jerusalem, because of the blood of the animals that were sacrificed to make my agreement with you, I will free your people who were forced to go to other countries where it was as though they were kept in a waterless pit.
12You people who were prisoners in those countries who still confidently expect God to help you, return to Judah, where you will be safe. This day I declare that I will give you two blessings for each of the troubles that you have experienced.
13I will cause Judah to be like MET my bow, and I will cause Israel to be like MET my arrow. I will enable you young men of Jerusalem to fight against the soldiers of Greece; you will be like SIM a warrior's sword.”
14Some day Yahweh will appear in the sky above his people, and the arrows that he shoots will be like SIM lightning. Yahweh our Lord will blow his trumpet, and he will march fiercely like MET the storms from the south.
15The Commander of the armies of angels will protect his people; the soldiers of Judah will attack and defeat their enemies who attack them using slingshots. Those soldiers of Judah will drink and celebrate and shout like SIM people who are drunk; they will be as full of wine as the bowl that holds the blood of the animals that are sacrificed and which is then sprinkled on the corners of the altar.
16On that day, Yahweh our God will save his people like a shepherd saves his flock of sheep from danger. In their land, they will be like SIM jewels that sparkle on a crown.
17They will be delightful and beautiful. The young men will become strong from eating grain, and the young women will become strong from drinking new wine.