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Translation for Translators - Zechariah

Zechariah 13

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1At that time it will be as though MET there will be a fountain from which water flows continually to cleanse the descendants MTY of King David and all the other people in Jerusalem from the guilt of the sins that they have committed, especially from becoming unacceptable to me by worshiping idols.
2The Commander of the armies of angels says, “At that time, I will prevent people from even mentioning the names of the idols in their country, and no one will remember them anymore. I will also expel from the land all the people who falsely claim that they are prophets DOU.
3If someone continues to prophesy falsely, his parents must say to him, ‘You have told lies saying that Yahweh MTY gave those messages to you, so you must be executed.’ So if someone prophesies like that, his own father and mother must stab him and kill him.
4At that time, the false prophets will be ashamed that they claimed to have received messages from me in their visions and prophesies that they told to people. They will no longer deceive people by wearing the clothes that prophets usually wear, clothes made of animals' hair.
5So each of them will say, ‘I am not really a prophet; I am a farmer, and I have been a farmer on my land ever since I was a boy!’
6But someone, seeing the wounds on one of those prophet's bodies, will suspect that he injured himself during rituals to worship idols, and he will ask ‘Why are those wounds on your body?’ And he will lie, saying ‘I was injured when I was at my friend's house.’”
7The Commander of the armies of angels says, “ My sword APO must strike the one who is like MET my shepherd, the man who is ◄my companion/very ‘close/dear’ to me►. When the shepherd is killed, those who are like MET his sheep will scatter. And those who are like MET my little sheep will also be attacked IDM.”
8Yahweh also says, “Two-thirds of the people in Judah will die DOU. Only one-third of the people in Judah will remain alive.
9And I will test the ones that remain alive by causing them to experience great difficulties, to find out if they will continue to worship me. I will purify them like MET a man purifies gold or silver by putting it into a very hot fire. Then my people will call to me MTY for help, and I will answer them. I will say to them, ‘You are my people,’ and they will say, ‘Yahweh is our God.’ ”