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Translation for Translators - Revelation

Revelation 14

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1But then I saw the one who is like a lamb standing on Zion Hill in Jerusalem. With him were 144,000 people. His name and his Father's name had been written { He had written his name and his Father's name} on their foreheads.
2I heard a sound from heaven, which was as loud SIM as the sound of a huge waterfall (OR, a great/wide river of rushing water) and which was also as loud as SIM mighty thunder. The sound that I heard was like the sound that people make when they are playing their harps.
3The 144,000 people were singing a new song while they stood in front of the throne, in front of the four living creatures, and in front of the elders. Only the 144,000 people, the ones who have been {whom the one who is like a lamb has} redeemed/bought from among the people on the earth, could learn that song. No one else could learn the song that they sang.
4Those 144,000 are the people who are spiritually pure, like virgins are morally pure. They have not ◄defiled themselves/made themselves impure► MET by worshipping any false god. They are the ones who accompany Jesus, the one who is like a lamb, wherever he goes. They represent all those whom he has redeemed/bought for God from among the people of earth, in order that he might offer them to God and to himself.
5Those people never lie when they speak MTY, and they never act immorally.
6I saw another angel that was flying between the sky and heaven. He was bringing God's eternal good message to earth, in order that he might proclaim it to people who live on the earth. He will proclaim it to every nation, to every tribe, to speakers of every language MTY, and to every people- group.
7He said in a loud voice, “Revere God and honor him, because it is now time for him to judge people! Worship God, because he is the one who created the heaven, the earth, the ocean, and the springs of water.”
8A second angel came after him saying, “The very evil cities (OR, city) represented by Babylon are completely destroyed! God has punished their people because they have persuaded people of all the nations to forsake God, just like a prostitute MET persuades men to drink strong wine and as a result commit sexual immorality.”
9A third angel came next, saying in a loud voice, “If people worship the beast and its image and allow its mark to be put {its agent to put its mark} on their foreheads or on their hands,
10God will be angry with them and punish them very severely MET. They will be tormented { God will torment them} in burning sulfur in the presence of his holy angels and in the presence of the one who is like a lamb.
11The smoke from the fire that torments them will rise forever. They will be tormented { God will torment them} continually, day and night. That is what will happen to the people who worship the beast and its image and who allow its name to be marked on them {allow its agent to mark them with its name}.”
12So God's people, those who obey what God commands and who trust in Jesus, must faithfully continue obeying and trusting him.
13I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this: God will now abundantly bless the people who have a close relationship with the Lord Jesus for the rest of their lives.” God's Spirit says, “Yes, after they die, they will no longer have to work hard. Instead, they will rest, and the record of the good deeds MTY that they have done will go with them (OR, God will reward them for the good deeds that they have done).”
14Then I was surprised to see a white cloud, and on the cloud someone was sitting who looked like the one who came from heaven. He was wearing a golden crown on his head. In his hand he held a sharp sickle.
15Another angel came out of the temple in heaven. In a loud voice, speaking figuratively about gathering people for God to judge them, he said to the one who was sitting on the cloud, “The time has come to reap the grain on the earth, so with your sickle reap the grain, because the grain on the earth is ripe.”
16The one who was sitting on the cloud forcefully gathered together all the people on earth, as MET a farmer reaps grain with his sickle.
17Another angel came out of the sanctuary in heaven. He also held a sharp sickle.
18From the altar came another angel. He is the one who takes care of the fire of the altar. Also speaking figuratively about gathering the wicked people for God to judge and punish them, he said in a loud voice to the angel who held the sharp sickle, “With your sharp sickle cut off the clusters of grapes in the vineyards on the earth! Then gather the clusters of grapes together, because its grapes are ripe!”

19So, just like a man would cut off with his sickle the clusters of grapes in his vineyard MET, an angel forcefully gathered the wicked people on the earth. Then he threw them into the huge place where God will angrily punish them.
20The wicked people were trampled on { God's agent trod on the wicked people} in the winepress outside the city. The blood that came out from the winepress flowed in a stream so deep that it reached to the bridles of the horses, and extended ◄180 miles/300 kilometers►.