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Translation for Translators - Revelation

Revelation 15

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1Something else very unusual appeared in the sky. I saw seven angels, whose duty it was to punish (OR, inflict hardship upon) rebellious people with seven different plagues (OR, in seven different ways). God is so angry with rebellious people that this is the last time that he will punish them with the purpose of giving them an opportunity to turn away from their sinful behavior.
2I saw what looked like an ocean that was made of glass and mixed with fire. And I saw the people who overcame the beast by not worshipping it or its image, or allowing its agent to mark them with the number that corresponds to the beast's name PRS. They were standing by the ocean that looked like it was made of glass. They had harps for praising God.
3They were singing a song like God's servant Moses sang long ago. They sang like this to praise Jesus, the one who is like a lamb: Lord God Almighty, whatever you do is powerful and marvelous! You always act righteously and truthfully. You are king forever!
4O Lord, you alone are holy! People of MTY all nations will come and worship you, because you show everyone that you have judged everyone righteously. So, everyone will fear you and honor you! RHQ.
5After this, in the vision I saw in heaven the temple that ◄corresponds to/was represented by► the tent that the Israelites pitched in the desert. That was the tent that contained the Ten Commandments. The temple door was opened {was open}.
6The seven angels who had the bowls containing the seven plagues came out of the temple. The angels were dressed in clean, white linen garments, and they wore gold bands around their chests.
7One of the four living creatures gave each of the seven angels a golden bowl, filled with wine/liquid. That wine/liquid symbolized that God, who lives forever, would severely punish rebellious people.
8The temple was filled with smoke that symbolized the presence of the glorious and all-powerful God. No one was able to enter the temple until the seven angels finished pouring out the seven plagues.