Bibles in Mauritius

All languages with and without a free Bible Translation in Mauritius
The flag of Mauritius
Country code: MU
Local name: Maurice
Total population: 1,271,768

The map shows only major languages originating from Mauritius and neighboring territories.

There are 18 languages spoken in Mauritius.

2 languages are extinct, almost extinct or moribund.

The Bible has been translated into 11 languages and 5 significant languages remains to be translated.

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Bible Translations in Mauritius

Significant languages in Mauritius with at least one free Bible translation: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Mandarin Chinese, Panjabi, French, English, Tamil and Urdu.

Significant languages in Mauritius without a free Bible translation: Morisyen, Bhojpuri, Sinhala, Hakka Chinese and Yue Chinese.

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