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Translation for Translators - Judges

Judges 19

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1At that time the Israeli people had no king. There was a man from the tribe of Levi who lived in a remote place in the hilly area where the tribe of Ephraim lives. He had previously taken as a wife a woman who was a slave. She was from Bethlehem, in the area where the tribe of Judah lives.
2But she started to sleep with other men also. Then she left him and returned to her father's house in Bethlehem. She stayed there for four months.
3Then her husband took his servant and two donkeys and went to Bethlehem. He went to ask her to come back to live with him again. When he arrived at her father's house, she invited him to come in. Her father was happy to see him.
4The woman's father asked him to stay. So he stayed there for three days. During that time he ate and drank and slept there.
5On the fourth day, they all got up early in the morning. The man from the tribe of Levi was preparing to leave, but the woman's father said to him, “Eat something before you go.”
6So the two men sat down to eat and drink together. Then the woman's father said to him, “Please stay another night. Relax/Rest and have a joyful time.”
7The man from the tribe of Levi wanted to leave, but the woman's father requested him to stay one more night. So he stayed again that night.
8On the fifth day, the man got up early and prepared to leave. But the woman's father said to him again, “Have something to eat. Wait until this afternoon, and then leave.” So the two men ate together.
9In the afternoon, when the man from the tribe of Levi and his slave wife and his servant got up to leave, the woman's father said, “It will soon be dark. The day is almost over. Stay here tonight and have a good/joyful time. Tomorrow morning you can get up early and leave for your home.”
10But the man from the tribe of Levi did not want to stay for another night. He put saddles on his two donkeys, and started to go with his slave wife and his servant toward Jebus city, which is now named Jerusalem.
11Late in the afternoon, they came near to Jebus. The servant said to his master, “We should stop in this city where the Jebus people-group live, and stay here tonight.”
12But his master said, “No, it would not be good for us to stay here where foreign people live. There are no Israeli people here. We will go on to Gibeah city.”
13He said to his servant, “Let's go. It is not far to Gibeah. We can go there, or we can go a bit further to Ramah. We can stay in one of those two cities tonight.”
14So they continued walking. When they came near Gibeah, where people from the tribe of Benjamin live, the sun was setting.
15They stopped to stay there that night. They went to the public square of that city and sat down. But no one who passed by invited them to stay in their house for that night.
16Finally, in the evening, an old man came by. He had been working in the fields. He was from the hilly area of the tribe of Ephraim, but at that time he was living in Gibeah.
17He realized that the man from the tribe of Levi was only traveling and did not have a home in that city. So he asked the man, “Where have you come from? And where are you going?”
18He replied, “We are traveling from Bethlehem to my home in the hilly area where people of the tribe of Ephraim live. I went from there to Bethlehem, but now we are going to Shiloh where Yahweh's Sacred tent (OR, my house) is. No one here has invited us to stay in their house tonight.

19We have straw and food for our donkeys, and bread and wine for me and the young woman and my servant. We do not need anything else.”
20The old man said, “I wish that things will go well for you, but I would like to provide what you need. Do not stay here in the square tonight.”
21Then the old man took them to his house. He gave food to the donkeys. He gave water to the man and the woman and the servant to wash their feet. And he gave them something to eat and drink.
22While they were having a good/joyful time together, some wicked men from that city surrounded the house and started to bang on the door. They shouted to the old man, “Bring out to us the man who has come to your house. We want to have sex with him.”
23The old man went outside and said to them, “Friends, I will not do that. That would be a very evil thing. This man is a guest in my house. You should not do such a terrible/disgraceful/shameful thing!
24Look, my daughter is here. She is still a virgin. And this man's slave wife is here. I will bring them out to you now. You may do to them whatever you wish, but do not do such a terrible/disgraceful/shameful thing to this young man!”
25But the men did not pay attention to what he said. So the man from the tribe of Levi took his slave wife and sent her to them, outside the house. They raped EUP her and abused her all night. Then at dawn, they allowed her to go.
26She returned to the old man's house, where her husband was staying, but she fell down at the doorway and lay there all night.
27In the morning, when the man from the tribe of Levi got up, he went outside of the house to continue his journey. He saw his slave wife lying there at the doorway of the house. Her hands were on the doorsill.
28He said to her, “Get up! Let's go!” But she did not answer, because she had died. He put her body on the donkey and traveled to his home.
29When he arrived home, he took a knife and cut the body of the slave woman into twelve pieces. Then he sent one piece to each area of Israel, along with a message telling what had happened.
30Everyone who saw a piece of the body and the message said, “Nothing like this has ever happened before. Not since our ancestors left Egypt have we heard of such a terrible thing. We need to think carefully about it. Someone should decide what we should do.”