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Updated Brenton English Septuagint - Kings II

Kings II 6

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1And David again gathered all the young men of Israel, about seventy thousand.
2And David arose, and went, he and all the people that were with him, and some of the rulers of Judah, on an expedition to a distant place, to bring back thence the ark of God, on which the name of the Lord of Hosts who dwells between the cherubs upon it is called.
3And they put the ark of the Lord on a new wagon, and took it out of the house of Abinadab who lived on the hill: and Uzzah and his brethren the sons of Abinadab drove the wagon with the ark.
4And his brethren went before the ark.
5And David and the children of Israel were playing before the Lord on well-tuned instruments mightily, and with songs, and with harps, and with lutes, and with drums, and with cymbals, and with pipes.
6And they come as far as the threshing floor of Nacon: and Uzzah reached forth his hand to the ark of God to keep it steady, and took hold of it; for the ox shook it out of its place.
7And the Lord was very angry with Uzzah; and God smote him there: and he died there by the ark of the Lord before God.
8And David was dispirited because the Lord made a breach upon Uzzah; and that place was called the breach of Uzzah until this day.
9And David feared the Lord in that day, saying, How shall the ark of the Lord come in to me?
10And David would not bring in the ark of the covenant of the Lord to himself into the city of David: and David turned it aside into the house of Obed-edom the Gittite.
11And the ark of the Lord lodged in the house of Obed-edom the Gittite three months, and the Lord blessed all the house of Obed-edom, and all his possessions.
12And it was reported to King David, saying, The Lord has blessed the house of Obed-edom, and all that he has, because of the ark of the Lord. And David went, and brought up the ark of the Lord from the house of Obed-edom to the city of David with gladness.
13And there were with him bearing the ark seven bands, and for a sacrifice a calf and lambs.
14And David sounded with well-tuned instruments before the Lord, and David was clothed with a fine long robe.
15And David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord with shouting, and with the sound of a trumpet.
16And it came to pass as the ark arrived at the city of David, that Michal the daughter of Saul looked through the window, and saw King David dancing and playing before the Lord; and she despised him in her heart.
17And they bring the ark of the Lord, and set it in its place in the midst of the tabernacle which David pitched for it: and David offered whole burnt offerings before the Lord, and peace offerings.
18And David made an end of offering the whole burnt offerings and peace offerings, and blessed the people in the name of the Lord of Hosts.

19And he distributed to all the people, even to all the host of Israel from Dan to Beersheba, both men and women, to everyone a cake of bread, and a joint of meat, and a cake from the frying pan: and all the people departed every one to his home.
20And David returned to bless his house. And Michal the daughter of Saul came out to meet David and saluted him, and said, How was the king of Israel glorified today, who was today uncovered in the eyes of the handmaids of his servants, as one of the dancers wantonly uncovers himself!
21And David said to Michal, I will dance before the Lord. Blessed be the Lord who chose me before thy father, and before all his house, to make me head over his people, even over Israel: therefore I will play, and dance before the Lord.
22And I will again uncover myself thus, and I will be vile in thine eyes, and with the maidservants by whom thou saidst that I was not had in honor.
23And Michal the daughter of Saul had no child till the day of her death.