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Updated Brenton English Septuagint - Isaiah

Isaiah 39

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1At that time Merodach-baladan, the son of Baladan, the king of Babylonia, sent letters and ambassadors and gifts to Hezekiah: for he had heard that he had been sick even to death, and was recovered.
2And Hezekiah was glad of their coming, and he showed them the house of his spices, and of silver, and gold, and myrrh, and incense, and ointment, and all the houses of his treasures, and all that he had in his stores: and there was nothing in his house, nor in all his dominion, which Hezekiah did not show.
3And Isaiah the prophet came to King Hezekiah, and said to him, What say these men? and whence came they to thee? and Hezekiah said, They are come to me from a land afar off, from Babylon.
4And Isaiah said, What have they seen in thy house? and Hezekiah said, They have seen everything in my house; and there is nothing in my house which they have not seen: yea, also the possessions in my treasuries.
5And Isaiah said to him, Hear the word of the Lord of hosts:
6Behold, the days come, when they shall take all the things that are in thy house, and all that thy fathers have gathered until this day, shall go to Babylon; and they shall not leave anything at all: and God hath said,
7that they shall take also of thy children whom thou shalt beget; and they shall make them eunuchs in the house of the king of the Babylonians.
8And Hezekiah said to Isaiah, Good is the word of the Lord, which he hath spoken: let there, I pray, be peace and righteousness in my days.