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Updated Brenton English Septuagint - Isaiah

Isaiah 15

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1The word against the land of Moab. By night the land of Moab shall be destroyed; for by night the wall of the land of Moab shall be destroyed.
2Grieve for yourselves; for even Dibon, where your altar is, shall be destroyed: thither shall ye go up to weep, over Nebo of the land of Moab: howl ye: baldness shall be on every head, and all arms shall be wounded.
3Gird yourselves with sackcloth in her streets: and lament upon her roofs, and in her streets, and in her ways; howl all of you with weeping.
4For Heshbon and Elealeh have cried: their voice was heard to Jahaz: therefore the loins of the region of Moab cry aloud; her soul shall know.
5The heart of the region of Moab cries within her to Zoar; for it is as a heifer of three years old: and on the ascent of Eglath they shall go up to thee weeping by the way of Horonaim: she cries, Destruction, and trembling.
6The water of Nimrim shall be desolate, and the grass thereof shall fail: for there shall be no green grass.
7Shall Moab even thus be delivered? for I will bring the Arabians upon the valley, and they shall take it.
8For the cry has reached the border of the region of Moab, even of Eglaim; and her howling has gone as far as the well of Elim.
9And the water of Dimon shall be filled with blood: for I will bring Arabians upon Dimon, and I will take away the seed of Moab, and Ariel, and the remnant of Adama.