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Young's Literal Translation - Isaiah

Isaiah 15

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1The burden of Moab. Because in a night destroyed was Ar of Moab — It hath been cut off, Because in a night destroyed was Kir of Moab — It hath been cut off.
2He hath gone up to Bajith and Dibon, The high places — to weep, On Nebo and on Medeba Moab howleth, On all its heads is baldness, every beard cut off.
3In its out-places they girded on sackcloth, On its pinnacles, and in its broad places, Every one howleth — going down with weeping.
4And cry doth Heshbon and Elealeh, Unto Jahaz heard hath been their voice, Therefore the armed ones of Moab do shout, His life hath been grievous to him.
5My heart is toward Moab, Cry do her fugitives unto Zoar, a heifer of the third year, For — the ascent of Luhith — With weeping he goeth up in it, For, in the way of Horonaim, A cry of destruction they wake up.
6For, the waters of Nimrim are desolations, For, withered hath been the hay, Finished hath been the tender grass, A green thing there hath not been.
7Therefore the abundance he made, and their store, Unto the brook of the willows they carry.
8For gone round hath the cry the border of Moab, Unto Eglaim is its howling, And to Beer-Elim is its howling.
9For the waters of Dimon have been full of blood, For I set on Dimon additions, For the escaped of Moab a lion, And for the remnant of Adamah!