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World English Bible with Deuterocanon - Sirach

Sirach 30

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1He who loves his son will continue to lay stripes upon him, that he may have joy from him in the end.
2He who chastises his son will have profit from him, and will brag about him among his acquaintances.
3He who teaches his son will provoke his enemy to jealousy. Before friends, he will rejoice in him.
4His father dies, and is as though he had not died; for he has left one behind him like himself.
5In his life, he saw his son and rejoiced. When he died, it was without regret.
6He left behind him an avenger against his enemies, and one to repay kindness to his friends.
7He who makes too much of his son will bind up his wounds. His heart will be troubled at every cry.
8An unbroken horse becomes stubborn. An unrestrained son becomes headstrong.
9Pamper your child, and he will make you afraid. Play with him, and he will grieve you.
10Don’t laugh with him, lest you have sorrow with him, and you gnash your teeth in the end.
11Give him no liberty in his youth, and don’t ignore his follies.
12Bow down his neck in his youth, and beat him on the sides while he is a child, lest he become stubborn, and be disobedient to you, and there be sorrow to your soul.
13Chastise your son, and give him work, lest his shameless behavior be an offense to you.
14Better is a poor man who is healthy and fit, than a rich man who is afflicted in his body.
15Health and fitness are better than all gold, and a strong body better than wealth without measure.
16There is no wealth better than health of body. There is no gladness above the joy of the heart.
17Death is better than a bitter life, and eternal rest than a continual sickness.
18Good things poured out upon a mouth that is closed are like food offerings laid upon a grave.

19What does an offering profit an idol? For it can’t eat or smell. So is he who is punished by the Lord,
20seeing with his eyes and groaning, like a eunuch embracing a virgin and groaning.
21Don’t give your soul to sorrow. Don’t afflict yourself deliberately.
22Gladness of heart is the life of a man. Cheerfulness of a man lengthens his days.
23Love your own soul, and comfort your heart. Remove sorrow far from you, for sorrow has destroyed many, and there is no profit in it.
24Envy and wrath shorten life. Anxiety brings old age before its time.
25Those who are cheerful and merry will benefit from their food.