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World English Bible with Deuterocanon - Sirach

Sirach 19

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1A worker who is a drunkard will not become rich. He who despises small things will fall little by little.
2Wine and women will make men of understanding go astray. He who joins with prostitutes is reckless.
3Decay and worms will have him as their heritage. A reckless soul will be taken away.
4He who is hasty to trust is shallow-hearted. He who sins offends against his own soul.
5He who rejoices in wickedness will be condemned.
6He who hates gossip has less wickedness.
7Never repeat what is told you, and you won’t lose anything.
8Whether it is of friend or foe, don’t tell it. Unless it is a sin to you, don’t reveal it.
9For if he has heard you and observed you, when the time comes, he will hate you.
10Have you heard something? Let it die with you. Be brave: it will not make you burst!
11A fool will travail in pain with a word, as a woman in labor with a child.
12As an arrow that sticks in the flesh of the thigh, so is gossip in a fool.
13Question a friend; it may be he didn’t do it. If he did something, it may be that he may do it no more.
14Question your neighbor; it may be he didn’t say it. If he has said it, it may be that he may not say it again.
15Question a friend; for many times there is slander. Don’t trust every word.
16There is one who slips, and not from the heart. Who is he who hasn’t sinned with his tongue?
17Reprove your neighbor before you threaten him; and give place to the law of the Most High.
20All wisdom is the fear of the Lord. In all wisdom is the doing of the law.

22The knowledge of wickedness is not wisdom. The prudence of sinners is not counsel.
23There is a wickedness, and it is an abomination. There is a fool lacking in wisdom.
24Better is one who has little understanding, and fears God, than one who has much intelligence and transgresses the law.
25There is an exquisite subtlety, and it is unjust. And there is one who perverts favor to gain a judgment.
26There is one who does wickedly, who hangs down his head with mourning; but inwardly he is full of deceit,
27bowing down his face, and pretending to be deaf in one ear. Where he isn’t known, he will take advantage of you.
28And if for lack of power he is hindered from sinning, if he finds opportunity, he will do mischief.
29A man will be known by his appearance. One who has understanding will be known by his face when you meet him.
30A man’s attire, grinning laughter, and the way he walks show what he is.