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Translation for Translators - 1 Timothy

1 Timothy 6

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1As for slaves DOU who are believers, teach them that they should consider that it is right for them to honor their masters in every way. If they do that, people will not speak ◄against/evil about► God MTY and they will not speak ◄against/evil about► that which we apostles teach, because they will see that the slaves are being respectful of their masters.
2Slaves who have masters who believe in Christ must not be disrespectful to their masters just because their masters are fellow believers. Instead, they should serve their masters even better because their masters are fellow believers whom God loves and who benefit when the slaves serve them well. As you teach these things to your congregation, exhort/urge people that they do them.
3Some people teach things that are different. What they teach ◄does not agree with/is not like► the correct teaching that our Lord Jesus Christ taught (OR, that is about our Lord Jesus Christ). They do not say that we should conduct our lives ◄in a godly manner/in a manner that pleases God►.
4Such people are very proud and do not understand anything HYP. Instead, they abnormally/wrongly desire to argue about unimportant matters and about certain words. As a result, people who listen to them ◄envy others/desire to have what others have►. They quarrel with others and with one another. They say bad things about others. They suspect/think that others have evil ◄ motives/reasons for doing what they do►.
5Their whole way of thinking has become completely wrong because they have rejected the true doctrine/teaching. As a result, they mistakenly think that ◄by practicing religion/by saying that they believe in God► they will gain a lot of money.
6Well, we truly do gain great benefit when we conduct our lives ◄in a godly manner/in a manner that pleases God► and we are content with what we have.
7We brought nothing into the world when we were born, and we cannot take anything out of it when we die,
8so if we have food and clothing, we should be satisfied with these.
9But some people strongly desire to be rich. As a result, they do wrong things to get money, and this will cause them to be caught/trapped MET as animals get caught in traps. They foolishly desire many things, and those desires cause them to get hurt. And God will completely reject them!
10All kinds of bad things will happen to people who PRS desire to have a lot of money. Because some people longed for money, they have stopped believing the doctrine/teaching that all of us believe and they have caused themselves much grief/sadness.
11But as for you, who are a man who serves God, ◄keep completely away from such love of money/do not be like the people who love money►. Decide that you will do what is right, and that you will ◄be godly/do what pleases God►. Decide that you will trust God, and that you will love others. Endure difficult circumstances. Always be gentle with people.
12Try earnestly and with all your energy/strength MET to live in accordance with what you believe. Continue to do your tasks well in order that you will know for sure that you will live eternally. Remember that God chose you to live with him, and that when many elders were listening you said strongly ◄ what you believe/that you trust in Christ►.
13God, who gives life to all things, knows everything that you do. Christ Jesus also knows everything that you do. He strongly declared what was true when he was on trial before Pontius Pilate.
14I command you that as you keep all that in mind, in every way you ◄hold fast/obey► to what Christ has commanded us DOU. ◄Hold fast/obey► to those teachings in a way that our Lord Jesus Christ cannot ◄criticize you about/say that what you did was wrong►, until he comes again.
15Remember that God will cause Jesus to come again at the proper time. God is awesome! He is the only Ruler! He rules over all other people who rule!
16He is the only one who will never die, and he lives in heaven surrounded by light that is so bright that no one can approach it! He is the one whom no person has ever seen and whom no person is able to see! My desire is that all people will honor him and that he will rule powerfully MTY forever! ◄May it be so!/Amen!►
17Tell the believers who are rich here in this present world that they should not be proud, and that they should not trust in their many possessions, because they cannot be certain how long they will have them. Teach them that instead of trusting in their wealth, they should trust in God. He is the one who generously gives us everything we have in order that we may enjoy it.
18Also, tell them that their good deeds must be as plentiful as their money. Specifically, they should share very generously with others what they have.

19If they do that, Jesus will give them a great reward. It will be as though they are piling up in heaven treasure for themselves that will ◄be a good basis on which they may rely for/result in their► receiving a great reward in the future (OR, which will be as solid as the foundation MET of a house). By doing this they will experience what real life is like.
20Timothy, faithfully proclaim/protect the true message (OR, do the work) that Jesus has given to you. ◄Avoid/Do not listen to► people who want to chatter about things that are not important to God. ◄Avoid/Do not listen to► people who claim/say that they have ❛true knowledge❜ but who say things that oppose/contradict our true teaching.
21◄ Keep completely away from/Reject completely► such teaching. Remember that some people who claim to have this ❛knowledge❜ have stopped believing what all of us believe. ◄ I desire that/May► God continue to act kindly toward you all.