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Translation for Translators - 1 Timothy

1 Timothy 3

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1Anyone who aspires to be an elder in the congregation (OR, a bishop) desires a noble/honorable task.
2Since that is a task that others should respect, an overseer must live in such a way that no one can truly ◄say that he has done anything that is wrong/find fault with him►. Specifically, he must be faithful to his wife. He must think clearly about what he does. He must be able to control his behavior. He must be sensible. He must be dignified/respectable. He must welcome and care for guests. He must be able to teach God's truth well.
3He must not be a drunkard. He must not be ready/quick to fight those who make him angry. On the contrary, he must be gentle and he must not be quarrelsome. He must not be greedy for a lot of money.
4He must lead and care for his own household/family well. For example, he must be a man whom his children obey and completely respect,
5because if anyone does not know how he should lead well and care for well the people who live in his own house, ◄he certainly cannot care for God's congregation!/how can he care for God's congregation?► RHQ
6He must not be one who has just recently trusted in Jesus, because if you choose a man like that, he might become conceited/proud because you chose him so soon. As a result of his being conceited/proud, God will condemn him like he condemned the devil because he was conceited/proud.
7Moreover, an elder must live in such a way that non-Christians speak well of him, because if he conducts himself like that, people will not say evil things about him, and the devil will not capture/trap him MET like people capture animals in a trap.
8Those whom you choose to serve as deacons likewise must be ones who conduct themselves suitably/appropriately. Specifically, they must be ◄serious/worthy that people respect them►. They must ◄be sincere/mean what they say►. They must not like to drink a lot of alcohol. They must not ◄be greedy/have a strong desire to get money►.
9They must sincerely believe the message that God has now revealed to us.
10Like you do for the elders, you must examine ◄ their character/how they conduct their lives► before you appoint them to serve. Then if they are without fault, let them serve as deacons.
11Their wives (OR, The women who are deacons) likewise must conduct themselves suitably/appropriately. Specifically, they must be ◄serious/worthy that people respect them►. They must not speak evil about people. They must not drink a lot of alcohol. They must be faithful in everything that they do.
12Deacons must be faithful to their wives, and they must lead well and care well for their children and other people in their houses.
13Because if deacons serve well, people will respect them, and they will be able to speak very boldly/confidently about what they believe concerning Christ Jesus.
14Although I hope that I will come and visit you soon, I am writing these things to you now
15in order that if I ◄am delayed/things prevent me from visiting to you soon►, you will know how believers should conduct their lives and you will be able to teach that to them. I am talking about all those who are members of God's family, all the congregations that belong to the all-powerful God, all those who uphold/support MET the true message.
16It is certainly true that the message that God has now revealed is very wonderful! From it, we learn this spiritual truth that we say/sing about Christ (OR, We affirm this teaching to be true and very important.) It is what shows us how to live ◄in a godly manner/in a manner that pleases God►. It is what God has now revealed, even though it was not known before. We ◄ affirm/say that it is true► concerning Jesus Christ that, He is the one who appeared on the earth in a human body. God's Spirit showed/demonstrated that he is/was truly the Messiah (OR, that he always acted righteously); Angels saw him; people preached about him in many nations; People in many parts of the world believed the message about him. God took him up into heaven.