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Translation for Translators - 1 Timothy

1 Timothy 4

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1God's Spirit has clearly told us that in later times some people will stop believing the teaching that all of us believe. Instead, they will listen to evil spirits who deceive people. They will also believe the false doctrines/teachings that they receive from these evil spirits.
2The people who teach those false doctrines/teachings are liars! And they do not feel at all guilty MET when they teach such teachings!
3For example, they forbid believers to marry because they say that it makes us unacceptable to God. They also command that people abstain from eating certain foods. But God created such foods in order that we can eat them! We who believe in Christ know the true teaching, and we thank God for the food that he gives us. That is why we can eat it.
4We can eat all kinds of food because God has created all food, and it is all good. We should not refuse to eat certain kinds of food if we thank God for it when we eat it.
5It is acceptable to God because God long ago said that all things that he made are good, and because we pray that God will bless it.
6When you teach these things to your fellow believers, you will be showing that you, whom Christ Jesus appointed, serve them well. You will have become strong spiritually ◄by holding fast/by obeying► the true message that we all believe.
7You must completely reject godless, silly/foolish stories from your ancestors that old people tell. Keep training yourself so that you have more ◄godly behavior/behavior that pleases God►.
8Some people say, “It helps us in some ways if we exercise our bodies.” But I say that people benefit very much if they live ◄in a godly way/in a way that pleases God►, because if people live in a godly way, that will benefit them both while they live now and when they live in the future life in heaven.
9Those are words that are absolutely true, and everybody should believe them!
10This is the reason why we work so hard DOU for others, because we confidently expect that God, who is all-powerful, will do the things that he has promised. He is the one who wants to save all people, so he protects them. He certainly protects us who believe in Christ!
11Command these things and teach these things.
12Timothy, by the way you conduct your life, show the believers in your congregation how they should conduct their lives. Specifically, speak good things, conduct yourself well, love people, trust God, and be pure in every way. If you do all that, no one will have any reason ◄to belittle/to treat you disrespectfully► because of your being young.
13Until I come, be sure that you read the Scriptures to the congregation and that you exhort/urge them to obey the Scriptures, and teach them.
14Do not forget to use the abilities that God gave to you as a result of people/us ◄prophesying/telling what God revealed to them► about you, and as a result of the elders putting their hands on you to commission/appoint you to do God's work.
15Do these things that I have told you to do! ◄Concentrate on them/Do them sincerely and wholeheartedly► in order that everyone may see that you are improving in how you do them.
16Be careful that you conduct yourself well. By continuing to do that, you will save yourself. And if you continue to teach the good doctrine/teaching, the result of your teaching will be that God will save the people who listen to you.