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Translation for Translators - Hebrews

Hebrews 1

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1Long ago God communicated frequently to our ancestors in various ways by what the prophets said and wrote.
2But now when this final age is beginning, God has communicated to us just once by means of what ◄his Son/the man who was also God► said and did. God appointed him in order that he would possess everything that truly belongs to God. God also appointed him in order that he would create the universe.
3He manifests God's glory. He exactly represents what God is like. He ◄sustains everything by means of his powerful words. When he had enabled people to be freed from the guilt of their sins MET, he sat down in heaven EUP to rule at the place of greatest honor MTY with God MTY.
4By doing that, he showed that he was very much greater than the angels, to the extent that his relationship MTY to God, as his Son, is more excellent than the relationship the angels have to God.
5We know that because in the Scriptures no one RHQ ever reported that God said to any angel what he said to his Son, You (sg) are my Son! Today I have declared to all that I am your Father DOU! And he said in another Scripture passage, I will be his Father, and he will be my Son DOU.
6And we know his Son is greater than the angels because in another Scripture passage someone wrote this about God's esteemed Son, when God was about to send him into the world: All God's angels must worship him.
7And in the Scriptures it is written that someone said this about the angels: God makes the angels who serve him to be changeable like MET winds and flames of fire.
8But on the other hand, in the Scriptures it is written that God said this to his Son: You (sg) who are also God will rule forever MTY, and you will reign righteously over your kingdom MTY.
9You have loved people's righteous deeds and you have hated people's lawless deeds. So I, your God, have caused you to be more joyful MTY than anyone else.
10And we also know that his Son is superior to angels because in the Scriptures the Psalmist wrote that someone said to God's Son, Lord, it was you who created the earth in the beginning. You also made the rest of the universe (OR, the things in the sky) MTY.
11Everything in the universe will disappear, but you will keep on living forever. They will wear out as clothing wears out.
12You will dispose of them as one rolls up an old coat before getting rid of it. Then, you will exchange everything that is in the universe for what is new, as someone puts on a new garment in exchange for an old garment SIM. But you are not like what you created; You stay the same, and you live forever LIT!
13We also know that his Son is superior to angels because no one ever stated RHQ in the Scriptures that God said to any angel what he said to his Son, Sit in the place of honor next to me and rule with me MTY while I put all of your enemies completely under your control MET!
14The angels are only spirits who serve God RHQ. God sends them to earth in order to help those he has saved (OR, those whom he will save).