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LXX2012: Septuagint in American English 2012 - 4 Maccabees

4 Maccabees 12

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1When he, too, had undergone blessed martyrdom, and died in the caldron into which he had been thrown, the seventh, the youngest of all, came forward:
2whom the tyrant pitying, though he had been dreadfully reproached by his brethren,
3seeing him already encompassed with chains, had him brought nearer, and endeavoured to counsel him, saying,
4You see the end of the madness of your brethren: for they have died in torture through disobedience; and you, if disobedient, having been miserably tormented, will yourself perish prematurely.
5But if you obey, you shall be my friend, and have a charge over the affairs of the kingdom.
6And having thus exhorted him, he sent for the mother of the boy; that, by condoling with her for the loss of so many sons, he might incline her, through the hope of safety, to render the survivor obedient.
7And he, after his mother had urged him on in the Hebrew tongue, (as we shall soon relate) says,
8Release me that I may speak to the king and all his friends.
9And they, rejoicing exceedingly at the promise of the youth, quickly let him go.
10And he, running up to the pans, said,
11Impious tyrant, and most blasphemous man, were you not ashamed, having received prosperity and a kingdom from God, to kill His servants, and to rack the doers of godliness?
12Therefore the divine vengeance is reserving you for eternal fire and torments, which shall cling to you for all time.
13Were you not ashamed, man as you are, yet most savage, to cut out the tongues of men of like feeling and origin, and having thus abused to torture them?
14But they, bravely dying, fulfilled their religion towards God.
15But you shall groan according to your deserts for having slain without cause the champions of virtue.
16Therefore, he continued, I myself, being about to die,
17will not forsake my brethren.
18And I call upon the God of my fathers to be merciful to my race.

19But you, both living and dead, he will punish.
20Thus having prayed, he hurled himself into the pans; and so expired.