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LXX2012: Septuagint in American English 2012 - 4 Maccabees

4 Maccabees 10

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1Now this one, having endured this praiseworthy death, the third was brought along, and exhorted by many to taste and save his life.
2But he cried out and said, Know you° not, that the father of those who are dead, became the father of me also; and that the same mother bare me; and that I was brought up in the same tenets?
3I abjure not the noble relationship of my brethren.
4Now then, whatever instrument of vengeance you° have, apply it to my body, for you° are not able to touch, even if you° wish it, my soul.
5But they, highly incensed at his boldness of speech, dislocated his hands and feet with racking engines, and wrenching them from their sockets, dismembered him.
6And they dragged round his fingers, and his arms, and his legs, and his ankles.
7And not being able by any means to strangle him, they tore off his skin, together with the extreme tips of his fingers, flayed him, and then haled him to the wheel;
8around which his vertebral joints were loosened, and he saw his own flesh torn to shreds, and streams of blood flowing from his entrails.
9And when about to die, he said,
10We, O accursed tyrant, suffer this for the sake of Divine education and virtue.
11But you, for your impiety and blood shedding, shall endure indissoluble torments.
12And thus having died worthily of his brethren, they dragged forward the fourth, saying,
13Do not you share the madness of your brethren: but give regard to the king, and save yourself.
14But he said to them, You have not a fire so scorching as to make me play the coward.
15By the blessed death of my brethren, and the eternal punishment of the tyrant, and the glorious life of the pious, I will not repudiate the noble brotherhood.
16Invent, O tyrant, tortures; that you may learn, even through them, that I am the brother of those tormented before.
17When he had said this, the blood-thirsty, and murderous, and unhallowed Antiochus ordered his tongue to be cut out.
18But he said, Even if you take away the organ of speech, yet God hears the silent.

19Behold, my tongue is extended, cut it off; for not for that halt you extirpate our reasoning.
20Gladly do we lose our limbs in behalf of God.
21But God shall speedly find you, since you cut off the tongue, the instrument of divine melody.