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Translation for Translators - 1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians 16

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1Now I will reply to another question that you asked. You asked about the money you are collecting to send to God's people in Jerusalem. Do what I told the congregations in Galatia to do.
2Every Sunday each of you should set aside at home some funds EUP for this purpose, in proportion to how much God has prospered you. Then you should save it up, so that when I arrive there, you will not need to collect any more money. Choose some men whom you approve of, to take this money to Jerusalem.
3Then, when I arrive, I will write letters stating that you have authorized these men to take the funds there.
4And if you (OR, I) think that it is appropriate, I will go with them.
5Now I plan to travel through Macedonia province. I plan to come to visit you, but I want to go through Macedonia first.
6Perhaps I will stay with you for a short while, or I may stay with you for the whole winter, in order that you yourselves can provide some of the things that I will need EUP for my next trip.
7I do not want to see you just for a short time and then continue my trip. I am hoping to stay with you for a while, if the Lord Jesus allows me to do that.
8But I will stay here in Ephesus city until after the Pentecost festival.
9I want to do that because God has given me a great opportunity MET to proclaim his good message here. As a result of my work here, God is producing great results. I also want to stay here because there are many people here who oppose my work, and I need to refute them.
10When Timothy arrives there in Corinth, treat him respectfully LIT, because he is working for the Lord just as I am.
11Do not let anyone despise him. And when he leaves there, give him some of the things that he needs for his trip EUP here, and also ask God to bless him. I am waiting for him to come, along with the other fellow believers who have been traveling with him.
12You also asked about our fellow believer, Apollos. I urged him strongly that he should go back to you with the three fellow believers who came here from Corinth. He was not at all willing to go now, but he will go later, when he has an opportunity.
13Be on guard against anything that would hinder you spiritually. You have believed the true message; continue believing it firmly. Be courageous. Keep strong in your relationship with God.
14Act in a loving way in everything that you do.
15You know that Stephanas and his family were the first ones there in Achaia province to believe in Christ IDM. They have devoted themselves to helping God's people.
16My fellow believers, I urge you to submit yourselves to them and to people like them who do God's work and who work hard.
17I was glad when Stephanas, Fortunatus, and Achaicus arrived here from Corinth, because they did things for me that you were not able to do because you were not with me.
18They comforted and encouraged me SYN, and I expect that this news from me will do the same for you. You should honor them, and you should also honor others like them.

19The congregations here in Asia province ◄send their greetings to/say that they are thinking fondly of► you. Aquila and his wife Priscilla and the congregation that meets in their house ◄send their warm greetings to/say that they are thinking fondly of► you because both they and you belong to the Lord.
20All your fellow believers here ◄send their greetings to/say that they are thinking of► you. Greet each other affectionately, as fellow believers should.
21Now I, Paul, having taken the pen from the hand of my secretary, write with my own hand to say that I am thinking fondly of you/to give you my greetings. I do this to show you that this letter really comes from me.
22◄I pray that God will/May God► curse/cause bad things to happen to ◄anyone who does not love the Lord Jesus. I pray that our Lord will come soon/May our Lord come soon►!
23I pray that our Lord Jesus will/May our Lord Jesus ◄continue to act toward you all kindly/in ways that you do not deserve.►
24I love all of you who have a close relationship with Christ Jesus.