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Translation for Translators - 1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians 11

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1Follow my example, just like I try to follow Christ's example.
2I praise you because you remember all the things that I taught you and because you follow the instructions that I gave you. You have done just like I told you to do.
3Now, I want you to know that the one who has authority over MTY every man is Christ, and the ones who have authority over women are men (OR, their husbands), and the one who has authority over Christ is God.
4So if any man wears a covering over his head when he prays or speaks a message God gave him, he disgraces himself SYN.
5Also, if any woman does not wear a covering over her head when she prays or speaks a message that God gave her, she disgraces herself (OR, she dishonors her husband). That would be acting like SIM women who are ashamed because their heads have been shaved.
6So, if women do not wear coverings over their heads when they pray or speak messages that God gave them, they should let someone shave their heads so that they will be ashamed. But since women are ashamed if someone cuts their hair short or shaves off their hair, they should wear coverings over their heads when they pray or speak messages that God gave them.
7Men should not wear coverings over their heads when they pray or speak messages that God gave them, because they represent what God is like MET and they show how great God is. But women show how great men (OR, their husbands) are.
8Remember that God intends that men have authority over women. We know that because God did not make the first man, Adam, from the first woman, Eve. Instead, he made that woman from a bone that he took from the man.
9Also, God did not create the first man to help the woman. Instead, he created the woman to help the man.
10For that reason, women should wear something to cover their heads as a symbol of their being under their husbands' MTY authority. They should also cover their heads so that the angels will see that and rejoice.
11However, remember that even though God created the first woman from the first man, all other men have been born from women. So men cannot be independent of women, nor can women be independent of men. But all things, including men and women, come from God.
13Consider this for yourselves: Is it proper for RHQ women to pray to God while they do not have coverings over their heads?
14◄Everyone senses that it is disgraceful for men to have long hair./Doesn't everyone sense that it is disgraceful for men to have long hair?► RHQ
15But it is very delightful if women have long hair, because God gave them long hair to be like a beautiful covering for their heads.
16But whoever wants to argue with me about my saying that women should have a covering over their heads when they pray or speak a message from God should consider the fact that we apostles do not permit any other custom, and the other congregations of God do not have any other custom.
17Now I want to tell you about some other things. I do not praise you about them, because whenever you believers meet together, good things do not happen. Instead, bad things happen.
18First of all, people have told me that when you gather together as a group to worship God, you divide into groups that are hostile to each other. To some extent I believe that is true.
19It seems that you must divide into groups that despise each other in order that it might be clear/evident which people among you God approves of!

20When you gather together, you IRO eat the meal that you say is to remember the death of the Lord Jesus for us.
21But what happens when you eat is that each person eats his own meal before he thinks about sharing his food with anyone else. As a result, when the meal is over, some people are still hungry and others are drunk! So it is not a meal that honors the Lord.
22◄ You act as though you do not have your own houses in which you can eat and drink whatever you want to!/Do you not have your own houses in which you can eat and drink whatever you want to?► RHQ Do you not realize RHQ that by acting selfishly in this way, it is God's people whom you are despising, and it is the poor people in your group whom you are treating as though they were not important? What shall I say to you about that RHQ? Do you expect me to praise you about what you do RHQ? I certainly will not praise you!
23The Lord taught me these things that I also taught you: During the night that Jesus was betrayed { Judas enabled the enemies of the Lord Jesus to seize him}, he took some bread.
24After he thanked God for it, he broke it into pieces. Then he gave it to his disciples and said, “This bread represents MET (OR, is) my body, that I am about to sacrifice for you. Eat bread in this way again and again to remember my offering myself as a sacrifice for you.”
25Similarly, after they ate their meal, he took a cup MTY of wine. He thanked God for it. Then he gave it to his disciples, saying, “ The wine in MTY this cup represents MET (OR, is) my blood that will flow from my body ◄ to put into effect/to establish► the new agreement that God is making with people. Whenever you drink wine in this way, do it to remember that my blood flowed for you.”
26Remember that until the Lord Jesus returns to the earth, whenever you eat the bread that represents his body and drink the wine MTY that represents his blood, you are telling other people that he died for you.
27So, those who eat that bread and drink that wine MTY in a way that is not proper for those who belong to the Lord are guilty of acting in a way that is contrary to what our Lord intended when he offered his body as a sacrifice and his blood flowed when he died.
28Before any believer eats that bread and drinks that wine MTY, he should think carefully about what he is doing,
29because if anyone eats the bread that represents Christ's body and drinks the wine that represents his blood without recognizing that all God's people should be united, God will punish him for doing that.
30Many people in your group are weak and sick, and several have died EUP because of the way they acted when they ate that bread and drank that wine.
31If we would think carefully about what we are doing, God would not judge and punish us like that.
32But when the Lord judges and punishes us for acting wrongly, he disciplines us to correct us, in order that he will not need to punish us when he punishes the people who do not trust in Christ MTY.
33So, my fellow believers, when you gather together to eat food to remember the Lord's dying for you, wait until everyone has arrived so that you can find out who does not have enough food.
34Those who are so hungry that they cannot wait to eat until everyone else has arrived should eat in their own homes first, in order that when you gather together God will not judge and punish them for ◄ being inconsiderate of/not being concerned about► others. And when I come to Corinth I will give you instructions about other matters concerning the Lord's Supper.