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LXX2012: Septuagint in British/International English 2012 - Wisdom

Wisdom 19

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1As for the ungodly, wrath came upon them without mercy to the end: for he knew before what they would do;
2How that having given them leave to depart, and sent them hastily away, they would repent and pursue them.
3For while they were yet mourning and making lamentation at the graves of the dead, they added another foolish device, and pursued them as fugitives, whom they had entreated to be gone.
4For the destiny, whereof they were worthy, drew them to this end, and made them forget the things that had already happened, that they might fulfil the punishment which was lacking to their torments:
5And that your people might pass a wonderful way: but they might find a strange death.
6For the whole creature in his proper kind was fashioned again anew, serving the peculiar commandments that were given to them, that your children might be kept without hurt:
7As namely, a cloud shadowing the camp; and where water stood before, dry land appeared; and out of the Red sea a way without impediment; and out of the violent stream a green field:
8Where through all the people went that were defended with your hand, seeing your marvellous strange wonders.
9For they went at large like horses, and leapt like lambs, praising you, O Lord, who had delivered them.
10For they were yet mindful of the things that were done while they sojourned in the strange land, how the ground brought forth flies instead of cattle, and how the river cast up a multitude of frogs instead of fishes.
11But afterwards they saw a new generation of fowls, when, being led with their appetite, they asked delicate meats.
12For quails came up to them from the sea for their contentment.
13And punishments came upon the sinners not without former signs by the force of thunders: for they suffered justly according to their own wickedness, insomuch as they used a more hard and hateful behaviour towards strangers.
14For the Sodomites did not receive those, whom they knew not when they came: but these brought friends into bondage, that had well deserved of them.
15And not only so, but perhaps some respect shall be had of those, because they used strangers not friendly:
16But these very grievously afflicted them, whom they had received with feastings, and were already made partakers of the same laws with them.
17Therefore even with blindness were these stricken, as those were at the doors of the righteous man: when, being compassed about with horrible great darkness, every one sought the passage of his own doors.
18For the elements were changed in themselves by a kind of harmony, like as in a lute notes change the name of the tune, and yet are always sounds; which may well be perceived by the sight of the things that have been done.

19For earthly things were turned into watery, and the things, that before swam in the water, now went upon the ground.
20The fire had power in the water, forgetting his own virtue: and the water forgat his own quenching nature.
21On the other side, the flames wasted not the flesh of the corruptible living things, though they walked therein; neither melted they the icy kind of heavenly meat that was of nature apt to melt.
22For in all things, O Lord, you did magnify your people, and glorify them, neither did you lightly regard them: but did assist them in every time and place.