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Translation for Translators - Matthew

Matthew 22

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1Then Jesus told the Jewish leaders other parables in order to illustrate what will happen to the people who do not accept him as the King God promised to send. This is one of those parables:
2“ God MTY/EUP is like a king SIM who told his servants that they should make a wedding feast for his son.
3When the feast was ready, the king sent his servants to tell the people who had been {whom he had} invited that it was time for them to come to the wedding feast. The servants did that. But the people who had been invited did not want to come.
4So he sent other servants to again tell the people whom he had invited that they should come to the feast. He said to those servants, ‘Say to the people whom I invited to come to the feast, “The king says that he has prepared the food. The oxen and the fattened calves have been butchered and cooked. Everything is ready. It is time now for you to come to the wedding feast!’ ”’
5But when the servants told them that, they disregarded what the servants said. Some of them went to their own fields. Others went to their places of business.
6The rest of them seized the king's servants, mistreated them, and killed them.
7When the king heard what had happened, he became furious. He commanded his soldiers to go and kill those murderers and burn their cities.
8After his soldiers had done that, the king said to his other servants, ‘I have prepared the wedding feast, but the people who were {whom I} invited do not deserve to come to it because they did not consider it an honor to have been invited.
9So, go to the intersections of the main streets. Tell whomever you find that they should come to the wedding feast.’
10So the servants went there, and they gathered everyone they saw who wanted to come to the feast. They gathered both people that were considered to be evil and those that were considered to be good. They brought them into the hall where the wedding feast took place. The hall was filled with people.
11But when the king went into the hall to see the guests who were there, he saw someone who was not wearing clothes that had been provided for the guests to wear at a wedding feast.
12The king said to him, ‘Friend, ◄you should never have entered this hall, because you are not wearing the clothes that guests wear at wedding feasts!/how did you enter this hall, because you are not wearing the clothes that are appropriate for guests to wear at a wedding feast?► RHQ’ The man did not say anything, because he did not know what to say.
13Then the king said to his attendants, ‘Tie this person's feet and hands and throw him outside where there is total darkness. People who are there cry out because they are suffering and they gnash their teeth because of their severe pain.’ ”
14Then Jesus said, “The point of this story is that God has invited many to come to him, but only a few people are the ones whom he has chosen to be there.”
15After Jesus said that, the Pharisees met together in order to plan how they could cause him to say something that would enable them to accuse him.
16They sent to him some of their disciples, who thought that the Israelites should pay only the tax that the Jewish authorities required them to pay. They also sent some members of the party that supported Herod. The members of that party thought that the Israelites should pay only the tax that the Roman government required them to pay. Those who were sent came and said to Jesus, “Teacher, we know that you are truthful and that you teach the truth about what God wants us to do. We also know that you do not change what you teach because of what someone says about you, even if it is an important person who does not like what you IDM teach.
17So tell us what you think RHQ about this matter: Is it right that we pay taxes to the Roman government MTY, or not?”
18But Jesus knew that what they really wanted to do was evil. They were wanting him to say something that would get him in trouble with either the Jewish authorities or the Roman authorities. So he said to them, “You are ◄hypocrites/pretending to ask a legitimate question►, but you are just wanting RHQ me to say something for which you can accuse me.

19Show me one of the coins with which people pay the Roman tax.” So they showed him a coin called a denarius.
20He said to them, “Whose picture is on this coin? And whose name is on it?”
21They answered, “ It has the picture and name of Caesar, the head of the Roman government.” Then he said to them, “Okay, give to the government what they require, and give to God what he requires.”
22When those men heard Jesus say that, they marveled that his answer did not enable anyone to accuse him. Then they left Jesus.
23During that same day, some Sadducees came to Jesus. They are a Jewish sect who do not believe that people will become alive again after they die. They wanted to ask Jesus a question.
24In order to discredit the idea that dead people will live again, they said to him, “Teacher, Moses wrote in the Scriptures, ‘If a man dies who did not have any children, his brother must marry the dead man's widow in order that she can have a child by him. The child will be considered the descendant of the man who died, and in that way the dead man will have descendants.’
25Well, there were seven boys in a family living near us. The oldest one married someone. He and his wife did not have any children, and he died. So the second brother married the widow. But he also died without having a child.
26The same thing happened to the third brother, and also to the other four brothers, who one by one married this same woman.
27Last of all, the widow also died.
28So, at the time when people are raised from the dead, which of the seven brothers do you think will be her husband? Keep in mind that they had all been married to her.”
29Jesus replied to them, “You are certainly wrong in what you are thinking. You do not know what is written in the Scriptures. You also do not know that God has the power to make people alive again.
30The fact is that the woman will not be the wife of any of them, because after God causes all dead people to live again, no one will be married. Instead, people will be like the angels in heaven. They do not marry.
31But as for dead people becoming alive again, God said something about that. ◄I'm sure you have read it./Have you not read it?► RHQ Long after Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had died, God said to Moses,
32‘I am the God whom Abraham worships and the God whom Isaac worships and the God whom Jacob worships.’ It is not dead people who worship God. It is living people who worship him. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob died long before Moses lived, but God said that they were still worshipping him, so we know their spirits were still alive!”
33When the crowds of people heard Jesus teach that, they were amazed.
34But when the Pharisees heard that Jesus had answered the Sadducees in such a way that the Sadducees could not think of anything that they might say to respond to him, the Pharisees gathered together to plan what they would say to him. Then they approached him.
35One of them was a man who had studied well the laws that God gave Moses. He wanted to see if Jesus could answer his question well or if he would say something wrong. He asked him,
36“Teacher, which commandment in the laws that God gave Moses is the most important?”

37Jesus quoted the Scriptures as he replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all IDM your ◄inner being/heart►. Show that you love him in all that you desire, in all that you feel, and in all that you think.’
38That is the most important commandment in the laws that God gave Moses.
39The next most important commandment that everyone must surely obey is: ‘You must love the people you come in contact with as much as you love yourself.’
40These two commandments are the basis of every law that Moses wrote in the Scriptures and also of all that the prophets wrote.”
41While the Pharisees were still gathered together near Jesus, he asked them,
42“What do you think about the Messiah? Whose descendant is he?” They said to him, “ He is the descendant of King David.”
43Jesus said to them, “ If the Messiah is King David's descendant, then ◄David should not have called him ‘Lord’ when David was saying what the Holy Spirit prompted him to say./Why did David call the Messiah ‘Lord’ when David was speaking what the Holy Spirit prompted him to say?► RHQ
44David wrote this in the Scriptures about the Messiah: ‘God said to my Lord, “Sit here beside me on my right, the place of greatest honor you MTY. Sit here while I completely defeat your enemies MTY.”’
45So, since King David called the Messiah ‘my Lord’, ◄ the Messiah cannot be just someone descended from David!/how can he be only the descendant of King David?► RHQ He must be much greater than David!”
46No one who heard what Jesus said was able to think of even one word to say to him in response. And after that, no one else ever dared to ask him another question to try to trap him.