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Translation for Translators - Luke

Luke 21

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1Jesus looked up from where he was sitting and saw rich people putting their gifts into the offering boxes in the Temple courtyard.
2He also saw a poor widow putting in two small copper coins.
3He said to his disciples, “The truth is that these rich people have a lot of money, but they gave only a small part of it. But this woman, who is very poor, has put in all the money that she had to pay for the things she needs! So God considers that HYP this poor widow has put more money into the box than all the others.”
5Some of Jesus' disciples talked about the Temple. They commented about the beautiful stones used in building the Temple and the other decorations that people had given, decorations that were on the walls. But he said,
6“ I want to tell you something about these things that you are looking at. They will be destroyed { Foreign invaders will destroy these buildings} completely. Every stone in these buildings will be thrown down {They will throw down every stone in these buildings}. Not one stone will be left {They will not leave one stone} on top of another.”
7Later his disciples asked him, “Teacher, when will that happen? What will happen to the temple to indicate that the things you(sg) just told us are about to happen?”
8He said, “ All that I will say is, be sure that you are not deceived {that they do not deceive you} about these things! Many people will come and say ◄that I sent them/that they have my authority► MTY. They will say, ‘I am the Messiah!’ They will also say ‘It is now the time when God will begin to rule!’ Do not follow them to become their disciples
9Also, whenever you hear about wars and riots, do not be terrified. Keep in mind that God has said that those things must happen. But when they happen, it will not mean that the world will end right away!”
10Then he said to them, “ Groups in various countries will fight each other, and various governments will also fight against each other.
11There will be big earthquakes, and in various places there will be famines and plagues. People will see things that will terrify them. There will also be unusual things happening in the sky.
12But before all these things happen, some of you will be persecuted and arrested {people will persecute some of you and arrest you} MTY. Some of you will be put {They will put some of you} on trial in the places where you gather to worship, and you will be thrown into prison. You will be put on trial { They will put you on trial} in front of high government authorities because you are my MTY disciples.
13That will be a time for you to tell them about me.
14So determine within yourselves not to be worrying before that happens what you will say to defend yourselves,
15because I will make you wise HEN so that you will know what to say. As a result, none of your enemies will be able to oppose what you say or ◄refute you/show that you are wrong►.
16And there will also be other evil things that will happen: Even your parents and brothers and other relatives and friends who do not believe in me will ◄betray you/help your enemies to seize you►. They will kill some of you.
17In general, most people will HYP hate you because you believe in me MTY.
18But your souls will be absolutely safe IDM.
19By enduring all these things people will do to you, you will preserve your eternal life SYN.”

20“But when you see that Jerusalem has been surrounded by the armies of your enemies, you will know that it is time for this city to be completely destroyed { them to completely destroy this city}.
21At that time those of you who are in Judea district must flee to the higher hills. Those who are in this city must leave quickly. Those who are in the nearby countryside must not go back into the city to get any of their possessions before they flee.
22You must obey what I tell you because, in order that all the things that are written in the Scriptures will be fulfilled, God will very severely punish the people who stay in this city.
23I feel very sorry for women in this city who will be pregnant, and women who will be nursing their babies in those days, because it will be very difficult for them to run away! I feel sorry because the people in this land will suffer greatly MTY when God punishes them.
24Many of them will be killed {Their enemies will kill many of them} with swords. Others will be captured and taken {They will capture others and take them} to HYP other countries. Non-Jewish people will trample over Jerusalem until the time that God has determined for them to rule the city is ended.”
25“There will also be strange things that will happen to the sun, the moon, and the stars. In many nations, people will be very frightened, and they will be anxious when they hear the ocean roaring and see huge waves.
26People will faint because they will be afraid as they wait for what will happen. They will be afraid because the powerful objects in the sky will be shaken {shake}.
27Then they will see me, the one who came from heaven, coming in a cloud powerfully and very gloriously.
28So when these things that I have just now described begin to happen, stand up straight and be brave, because it will be close to the time when God will free you from all suffering.”
29Then Jesus told his disciples this parable: “Think about the fig tree, and all the other trees.
30As soon as you see their leaves beginning to sprout, you know that summer is near.
31Similarly, when you see these things that I have just described happening, you will know that it is almost time for God to truly rule as king.
32Keep this in mind: All the things that I have just now described will happen before all the people who have observed the things that I have done have died.
33You can be certain that these things that I have told you about will happen. That they will happen is more certain than that the earth and sky will continue to exist.”
34“But be on guard. Do not be getting drunk with carousing or let yourselves be distracted by worries concerning your lives SYN {or let worries concerning your lives SYN distract you}. If you do wrong things like those, you may be suddenly surprised by my return MTY, like a trap suddenly catches an animal in it.
35You need to know that my return will surprise everyone all over the earth.
36So be ready at all times. Pray that you will be able to endure without being afraid of all these difficult things that will happen, so that you will then stand confidently before me, the one who came from heaven.”
37Each day during that week Jesus taught the people in the Temple courtyard in Jerusalem. But at night he and his disciples left the city and stayed on Olive Tree Hill.

38Early each morning many people came to the Temple courtyard to listen to him.