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Updated Brenton English Septuagint - Ezra and Nehemiah

Ezra and Nehemiah 13

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1Then Eliashib the high priest, and his brethren the priests, rose up, and built the Sheep Gate; they sanctified it, and set up the doors of it; even to the tower of the hundred they sanctified it, to the tower of Hananel.
2And they built by the side of the men of Jericho, and by the side of the sons of Zaccur, the son of Imri.
3And the sons of Hassenaah built the Fish Gate; they roofed it, and covered in its doors, and bolts, and bars.
4And next to them the order reached to Meremoth the son of Uriah, the son of Hakkoz, and next to them Meshullam son of Berechiah the son of Meshezabel took his place: and next to them Zadok the son of Baana took his place.
5And next to them the Tekoites took their place; but the Adorim applied not their neck to their service.
6And Joiada the son of Paseah, and Meshullam son of Besodeiah, repaired the old gate; they covered it in, and set up its doors, and its bolts, and its bars.
7And next to them repaired Melatiah the Gibeonite, and Evaron the Meronothite, the men of Gibeon and Mizpah, to the throne of the governor on this side the river.
8And next to him Uzziel the son of Harhaiah of the smiths, carried on the repairs: and next to them Ananias the son of one of the apothecaries repaired, and they finished Jerusalem to the broad wall.
9And next to them repaired Rephaiah the son of Hur, the ruler of half the district round about Jerusalem.
10And next to them repaired Jedaiah the son of Harumaph, and that in front of his house: and next to him repaired Hattush son of Hashabneiah.
11And next to him repaired Malchijah son of Harim, and Hasshub son of Pahath-moab, even to the tower of the furnaces.
12And next to him repaired Shallum the son of Hallohesh, the ruler of half the district round about Jerusalem, he and his daughters.
13Hanun and the inhabitants of Zanoah repaired the gate of the valley: they built it, and set up its doors, and its bolts, and its bars, and a thousand cubits of the wall as far as the Dung Gate.
14And Malchijah the son of Rechab, the ruler of the district round about Beth-haccherem, repaired the Dung Gate, he and his sons; and they covered it, and set up its doors, and its bolts, and its bars.
15But Shallum the son of Col-hozeh repaired the gate of the fountain, the ruler of part of Mizpeh; he built it, and covered it, and set up its doors and its bars, and the wall of the pool of the skins by the meadow of the king, and as far as the steps that lead down from the city of David.
16After him repaired Nehemiah son of Azbuk, ruler of half the district round about Beth-zur, as far as the garden of David’s sepulcher, and as far as the artificial pool, and as far as the house of the mighty men.
17After him repaired the Levites, even Rehum the son of Bani: next to him repaired Hashabiah, ruler of half the district round about Keilah, in his district.
18And after him repaired his brethren, Bavvai son of Henadad, ruler of half the district round about Keilah.

19And next to him repaired Ezer the son of Jeshua, ruler of Mizpah, another portion of the tower of ascent, where it meets the corner.
20After him repaired Baruch the son of Zabbai, a second portion, from the corner as far as the door of the house of Eliashib the high priest.
21After him repaired Meremoth the son of Uriah the son of Hakkoz, a second part from the door of the house of Eliashib to the end of the house of Eliashib.
22And after him repaired the priests, the men of Ecchechar.
23And after him repaired Benjamin and Hasshub over against their house: and after him repaired Azariah son of Maaseiah the son of Ananiah, the parts near to his house.
24After him repaired Binnui the son of Henadad, another portion from the house of Azariah as far as the corner and to the turning,
25of Palal the son of Uzai, opposite the corner, and where is also the tower that projects from the king’s house, even the upper one of the prison house: and after him repaired Pedaiah the son of Parosh.
26And the Nathinim dwelt in Ophel, as far as the garden of the Water Gate eastward, and there is the projecting tower.
27And after them the Tekoites repaired, another portion opposite the great projecting tower, even as far as the wall of Ophel.
28The priests repaired above the Horse Gate, every man over against his own house.
29And after him Zadok the son of Immer repaired opposite his own house: and after him repaired Shemaiah son of Shecaniah, guard of the East Gate.
30After him repaired Hananiah son of Shelemiah, and Hanun, the sixth son of Zalaph, another portion: after him Meshullam the son of Berechiah repaired over against his treasury.
31After him repaired Malchijah the son of Sarephi as far as the house of the Nathinim, and the chapmen over against the gate of Maphecad, and as far as the steps of the corner.
32And between that and the Sheep Gate the smiths and chapmen repaired.
33Now it came to pass, when Sanballat heard that we were building the wall, that it was grievous to him, and he was very angry, and railed against the Jews.
34And he said before his brethren (that is the army of the Samaritans), Is it true that these Jews are building their city? do they indeed offer sacrifices? will they prevail? and will they this day restore the stones, after they have been burned and made a heap of rubbish?
35And Tobiah the Ammonite came near to him, and said to them, Do they sacrifice or eat in their place? shall not a fox go up and pull down their wall of stones?
36Hear, O our God, for we have become a scorn; and return thou their reproach upon their head, and make them a scorn in a land of captivity,

37and do not cover their iniquity.