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Translation for Translators - Ephesians

Ephesians 5

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1◄Imitate/Behave like► God, because he loves you who are as though you were SIM his children.
2Do everything in a way that shows that you love people, just like Christ loved us and willingly died for us. He offered himself to God as a sacrifice that was very pleasing to God, just like Jewish priests offered sweet-smelling animal sacrifices to God MET.
3Do not commit any kind of immoral act DOU, and do not desire more things than you need. Do not act in such a way that others could even ◄spread rumors/talk► about your acting in such ways, because it is not appropriate/fitting for God's people to do such things.
4Do not use obscene/shameful language when you talk to people. Do not talk foolishly. Do not use vulgar/indecent language, because it is not appropriate/fitting that God's people should talk like that. Instead, tell people how much you thank God for all he does for you.
5You can be sure of this: No person who is sexually immoral or who acts indecently/shamefully will be among those people whom God rules over MET in heaven. Neither will those who desire more things than they need. Such people worship their possessions instead of worshipping God.
6Do not let anyone deceive you by suggesting that God will really not punish people who commit such sins, because God certainly will punish MTY those who habitually disobey him by doing such things.
7So, do not commit the same kinds of deeds that such people do,
8because formerly you did not know God's truth MET, as those who are in darkness do not know what is around them. But now it is as though you are in the light MET because you know God's truth because of your relationship with the Lord Jesus. So do those things that those who know God's truth MET should do.
9Keep in mind that as light MET causes good things to grow, those who know God's truth should do those things that are good, righteous, and honest.
10And as you do that, try ◄to find out/to discover► what pleases the Lord.
11Do not do the worthless deeds that the people ◄who are in spiritual darkness/who do not know God's truth► MET do. Instead, let others know that those people's deeds are worthless.
12It is shameful for God's people to even talk among themselves about those evil deeds that evil people do secretly and habitually.
13But when God's people rebuke those evil people about their deeds, it will be clear/evident how evil their deeds really are, just like everything exposed to the light becomes visible {as light MET reveals everything that we cannot see in the darkness}.
14Just like something on which a light shines reflects that light MET, whoever has learned God's truth reveals that truth to others. That is why we believers say this: You who are not aware of your sins, become aware of them MET! It is as though you are sound asleep, so wake up! Be like dead people who are becoming alive again! Christ will cause you to know God's truth, just like a light MET that shines causes people to know what is in the darkness.
15So be very careful how you behave. Do not behave as foolish people do. Instead, behave as wise people do.
16Use your time carefully, because these days MTY people do extremely evil deeds.
17So do not be foolish. Instead, understand what the Lord Jesus wants you to do, and do it!
18Do not become drunk by drinking alcoholic drinks, since people are unable to control their behavior when they are drunk. Instead, let God's Spirit control your behavior at all times MTY.

19Sing to each other ◄Psalms/songs with words from the Scriptures►, sing other songs that the congregation knows, and songs that God's Spirit gives you. Sing these Psalms and other songs sincerely to praise the Lord Jesus.
20At all times thank God, who is our heavenly Father, for everything, especially for what the Lord Jesus Christ MTY has done for you.
21Humbly submit yourselves to each other because you reverence Christ, who is our example.
22Because husbands have authority over MET their wives, just as all of us believers form one group under the authority of Christ, you women should submit yourselves to the authority of your husbands just as you submit yourselves to the Lord Jesus. He is the one who saves all his people from the guilt of their sins.
24Just like all believers submit themselves to the authority of Christ, the women must submit themselves completely to the authority of their husbands.
25Each of you husbands, love your wife as Christ loved all of us who would become believers, with the result that he willingly died for our sake,
26in order that he might ◄set us apart for himself/cause us to belong to him►. That is, by revealing his message to us, he wanted to remove the guilt of our sin, just like people remove dirt from something by washing it MET.
27Christ did that in order that he might cause all of us believers to be a glorious group of people that belong to him, people that do not have any moral flaws/imperfections, but instead might be completely pure DOU when he gathers us ◄to his presence/to himself►.
28In the same way, each man should love his wife as he loves his own body. Men who love their wives, it is as though they love themselves.
29This is shown by the fact that no one ever hated his own body. Instead, he feeds his own body and cares for it, just like Christ also cares for all us believers. We have become one group of believers that belongs to him MET.
31What someone has written in the Scriptures about people who marry is this, When a man and a woman marry, they should ◄ permanently leave/no longer live with► their fathers and mothers. They should be joined as husband and wife, and the two of them shall become as though they were one MET person.
32It is very difficult to understand the meaning of these things that God has now revealed to me, but I am telling you that those words also refer to the relationship between Christ and all those who belong to him.
33However, as for you(pl), each man must love his wife just as he loves himself, and each woman must respect her husband.