Bibles in Bulgaria

All languages with and without a free Bible Translation in Bulgaria
The flag of Bulgaria
Country code: BG
Local name: България
Total population: 6,948,445

The map shows only major languages originating from Bulgaria and neighboring territories.

There are 38 languages spoken in Bulgaria.

9 languages are extinct, almost extinct or moribund.

The Bible has been translated into 11 languages and 18 significant languages remains to be translated.

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Bible Translations in Bulgaria

Significant languages in Bulgaria with at least one free Bible translation: Czech, German, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Serbian, Carpathian Romani, Croatian, Russian and Vlax Romani.

Significant languages in Bulgaria without a free Bible translation: Bulgarian, Armenian, Western Armenian, Macedo-Romanian, Balkan Gagauz Turkish, Gagauz, Nogai, Balkan Romani, Tamasheq, Pontic, Macedonian, Gheg Albanian, Baltic Romani, Bosnian, Kalo Finnish Romani, Ladino, Sinte Romani and Welsh Romani.

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